Hello and Welcome to my FIRST Feature Friday! 💕 My plan is to share and feature some of my favourite people and online personalities with you all with a fun questionnaire! Today we are focusing on the wonderful Little Evie & Me! Get to know the lady behind the Blog and give her a follow! Hope you enjoy! 🥰 Introduction! Could you please tell us a little about yourself? A wee back ground story of Little Evie & Me? – My name is Louise and I currently live in Manchester. I spent 9 years living in Chicago where I met… View Post

Hello again. It’s Week 2 of my weekly blogging challenge and today’s focus is all about My Favourite Things. Originally I was going to write a bunch of my favourite things out and talk about them, but having little Jack still all my free-time has made this a litte difficult. Instead I looked up a bunch of questionnaires and will answer a whole bunch of favourites from different categories for you! Nature & Travel Favorite color? – Blue! 💙 The coolest natural wonder I’ve ever seen? – I haven’t really see any big wonders; seeing the planets through a telescope… View Post

Hello all. I’m a little late in posting this consider we are almost halfway through January BUT that’s what happens when a baby takes over your life! Anyway; as I was pregnant for all of last year My 2018 Goals kind went out of the window! But; that being said I had the BEST year of my life! If you know me well you will know that last year: I enjoyed pregnancyand fell in love with my huge bump, I shared pregnancy with my younger sister, My parents bought a gorgeous puppy Jimmy the Dog I visited Amsterdam with Jamie… View Post

Hello all! This is my first post of 2019 and I have decided to tackle the 52 Week Blog Challenge every Monday! This week’s post is all about My Best Friend. Meet My Best Friend It will probably come to no shock to anyone that my best friend is my husband Jamie. We met as children and started hanging around with the same group of friends. We got closer and closer and then eventually became best pals. On the night of my 18th I got really drunk and we ended up kissing! The next morning we just laughed it off,… View Post

I cannot believe my little Jack has been in our lives for over 3 Months now. Already he is progressing into a strong and hilarious wee guy and I love him even more than I first anticipated. He truely is the BEST m to ever happen to me. As you all know his arrival into this world was pretty dramatic. I had a difficult labour and he really took his time to come and meet us. The first few days felt like a dream as I was stuck in the hospital but eventually Jamie and I were able to take… View Post