As most of you know Jamie and I planned and booked a weekend trip to Berlin – but we are complete dafties and missed our flight! 😂 Honestly, we woke up later than what we should have and then got held up at the security department haha. Anyway, we missed the flight and needed to plod along home feeling blue! We decided to have a relaxing weekend instead and I managed to convince Jad to take a little trek up to Dundonald Castle. It was still pretty cold and snowy so we only planned a small trip to the castle.… View Post

Hello everyone! I hope you have all recovered from stuffing your faces with pancakes and then being all loved up on Valentines Day! 💕 On a serious note I hope you all enjoyed your days and were all spoiled rotten! I managed to spend my Valentines Day in the most splendid way : a full pamper day with my wee maw! My mum is my bestest buddy and having a full day with her is exactly what I needed! 😘💙 We drove into town and dumped the car at a nearby supermarket to catch the train into Glasgow City Central!… View Post

As it it Valentines Day and love is definately in the air I thought I’d spread my own little positivity and love vibes on Adventures with Amanda. Today is my 10th Valentines with Jamie and I thought I’d share a bunch of my LOVES! Hope some of these bring a smile to your faces! 💕 I love waking up and it’s sunny outside. I love spending days on long adventures with my dad. I love days out or days gossiping with my mum. I love my little niece Rhian! I love Jamie – more than anything! I love my little… View Post

Recently Emma who blogs over at The Emma Edit and hosts the amazing Facebook Group Blogs In Bloom hosted a huge Giveaway to mark her massive achievement of 1500 Followers! Check out her post here: Emma’s Blogiversary! Well … luckily I took part in Emma’s amazing giveaway and amazing I WON!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 A massive thank you to Emma for sending my lovely prize over asap 🙂 all the items are gorgeous! To mark my appreication I wanted to make a little post talking about and showing some of the gifts I recieved! 😘 Red and grey pom pom beanie hat… View Post

Hello! First of all, I wanted to apologise … I have been pretty quiet in the blogging world throughout the month of January. I have been unwell, shattered and generally under the weather haha! All is well now though and I am slowly going back to my normal, daft self. ANYWAY .. Onto the Award! I have been very lucky and have been nominated for the Brotherhood of the World Blogging Award twice by two of my lovely Blogging Buddies : Brenda and Simply Lovely The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to his/her blog.… View Post