Had to start my stadium tours with the famous Ibrox 💙🙌🏼 now this feels like a cheat considering I have spent most of my weekends at this stadium!

Even Oor Rhian loves the place and is buzzing for her first proper game at Ibrox.

Being a season ticket holder for many years has been amazing and for the most part heartbreaking haha! Saying that I love the club and it’s history! 

Jamie and I love spending our time here so much that we decided to attend the Ibrox Sleep Out late last year! We slept overnight next to the pitch (in November I must add) in order to raise funds for some Homeless Charities! It was freezing outside and really made you think about how homeless people manage through the night! 

This stadium is like a second home for me and I geniunely cannot imagine my life without visiting the place almost every weekend! I even have the co-ordinates for Ibrox tattooed on my rib haha – sad, I know but I love the place! 💙


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