Dumfries House.

Dumfries House.

What a Sunday! Today my friend Aly Conquer and I decided to take advantage of the ‘not freezing’ weather and take her lovely wee pup Murphy out a big walk! We decided to have a nosey at Dumfries House as Murphy already knows the area and it’s right next door to Aly’s parents house!

Little Murphy ready for his walk!

The place is truely amazing with so much to do there! I have only ever been with my class, and all the children loved it. Aly and I decided to walk around the gardens and past the house with Murphy and we all loved it! I particularly loved how beautiful the location was, with the nice ponds, fountains and ofcourse the house itself! I know a few people that are planning on getting married here, and I can totally see why – the place is stunning!

Dumfries House in all it’s glory!

Aly was able to guide me through the not so muddy patches around the site (silly me left the wellies at her house) and I really enjoyed being back outdoors after a long winter!

Nice little picture of the water running through the site!

We walked about the area for about an hour – hour and a half? And in that time managed to walk the distance of almost 4miles! I was competely shocked as it really didn’t feel like we had walked that much. My fitbit buzzed near the end of the walk to inform me I had reached my 10k steps target and I felt like I had achieved a lot in such a short space of time! I will finish with my favourite picture of the whole day – oor Aly and her stunning pup! 💜

I already can’t wait until my next adventure! 🙂