World Cancer Day.

Feb 4th 2017 – World Cancer Day!

Like most people around the world, I have experienced what it’s like to live with someone who has cancer! Today is World Cancer Day and people all over the world are doing amazing things to raise awareness and funds to help those that need it most, and hopefully one day find that ultimate cure! 🤞🏼

Almost 11 years ago my Nana Mary was diagnosed and sadly died with cancer. This was a traumatic time for our family, especially my mum and dad who loved my Nana with every piece of their hearts. It was also a very difficult time for my sister and I, as we were on 12 and 14 and this was our first experience of this horrible illness! We grieved as a family, and found good ways of remembering our beloved Nana – for example, we planted a tree in our home garden and scattered some of her ashes here! The tree is beautiful all year round (beautiful blossoms in the Spring and Rich Autum leaves at the end of the year). This beauty reminds me of my Nana every day and reminds me of all the good times we spent with her. 

We also participate in as many charity events as we can to help promote funds towards MacMillan Cancer Research (other charities also) as they helped look after my Nana to the best of their ability. Kirsti and I took part in 10km runs and I have even bungee jumped off the Titan Crane (150ft) raising over £2000! I also have MacMillian Cancer badges as part of my wedding favours, which means even more money can be donated to the wonderful charity! 💚

My parents and I were extremely touched when Kirsti gave birth to our lovely little Rhian and decided to have Mary as one of the middle names. Small things like this help us to remember my Nana and will ensure Rhian grows up and learns about her amazing Great Granny. 💜

Cancer truely is a horrible illness and a horrible time to experience – but it also wakens you up to the fact that life is really too short, and pretty much anything can happen to you! My Nana was only the young age of 59 when she died and certainly taken far too early, as are many around the world! So, please, enjoy your life to the fullest and never settle for something that isn’t making you happy. Treasure the ones you love and always support each other!

Nana Mary! 💙