My little niece Rhian is growing up way too fast! Only a few weeks ago I was in shock that she was turning three and now she is all set to start the nursery! Kirsti was able to take a few pictures of her heading into nursery while I was at work, and ofcourse I rushed home at three o’clock to see my wee best pal. 💜 
While seeing her she was able to tell me all about her fun day. She had a friend called Millie, her teacher was called Melissa and she had fun painting pictures. She also told us a boy got ‘into trouble’ for not sharing hahaha! 🙂

Wee Rhian and her Bala (Gran) 😁

Finally getting to see my big nursery girl.

We took Rhian to go see my Papa in the nursing home to show off her lovely new uniform and he was really pleased to see her. Rhian was obviously still excites from het day as she was running around saying hello to all the residents 🙂. After getting home it was clear to see she had a big day and was completely shattered with all the excitement 💜😊