Whitelee Windfarm.

Whitelee Windfarm.

All week I have been begging Jamie to take me to Whitelee Windfarm – it’s the biggest Windmill farm I’ve ever seen and it’s literally a 20minute drive from our house! I finally dragged him away from the tele and we set off!

As we approached the windfarm the weather took a bad turn 😩 it was freezing and the sky was so dull. We still got out and had a little stroll but it all got too much for Jamie when the snow started the fall πŸ˜‚ he promised we can come back and do a bigger walk around when it’s a little sunnier/warmer.

This is a windmill blade at the start of the windfarm walk!

I couldn’t believe the size of the windmills and the power of the wind generated underneath them! They were spinning at 160mph today!Β 

Me standing next to the huge turbine!

I am really looking forward to going back and exploring a lot of the pathways!