Dress Fitting.

Feb 14th 2017 – Wedding Chaos.

Firstly, Happy Valentines Day to you all 😘💙 I recieved my last ever fiancee card and shared some Domino’s Pizza while watching football with my Jad so I was a happy bunny! 
Today was a hectic day! Firstly, Kirsti, Aly and I had to travel to get my dress fitting! It was all going well and I was getting the hem sorted out for my dress alterations and the BAM! I only went and fainted hahaha! I was completely fine, and then I caught a ny own reflection in the mirror and it was all fuzzy. This grew and grew and eventually I was away with it ha! I was sat down on a chair, Kirsti and Aly fanning me with cards, and the wee dress lady holding freezing water on my wrist to cool me down. I eventually recovered and all was well ha! Some embarassment!

Anyway the dress was finished and we ended up heading back to get my hair trail. We ended up picking an updo with little whispy bits falling down. Hoping for a hair growing miracle before the big day!

Lastly, Jami and I went to visit his Auntie Myra to talk about our flowers and decorations. We picked our final sunflowers and I really looking forward to seeing them come April!

Busy busy day and an early night for me!