Home Hen! 

Home Hen! 

With only 4 weeks until the wedding, last night marked the night of my Home Hen Party! I was very lucky to celebrate my away Hen in Benidorm with a few of my girls (separate post to follow) but a having a Home Hen was important to me to allow my mum, Jamie’s mum and other family members to come! My little sister, and chief bridesmaid Kirsi planned my night and managed to keep everyone quiet about the night’s events – she did not disappointed! 😍😂

Kirsti, my mum, Claire and I.

The night started with Jamie dropping my mum and I at The Portman where most of the girls were already waiting on us. I was greeted with a garter, sash and veil and ofcourse a huge inflatable man and boabie hahaha! Would it be a Hen Do without these essential items??? The DJ was playing away and I mingled and we all started to dance 💃🏼🕺🏼here are some photos from the night:

Caroline and I 💜

Me with my workies Caroline and Hazel 😊

Hazel and I 💜

With one of my oldest friends Hayley. Look at her beautiful bump 😍😊

Hayley, me and Kerry 👍🏼

Me and my lovely inflatable Jamie!

Me with the lovely Jenny 🙂

Sisters!! With my gorgeous little sister, bridesmaid and party planner!

My soon to be Sister in Law Leanne 😍

With Jamie’s Gran Moira 😊

My Claire and I 😍

Me and my lovely bridesmaid and best pal Aly!

All was going well and I was loving my party but then the music stopped, I wae sat on a chair and blindfolded! 😳 For months I said NO STRIPPERS! I would be so feart and wouldn’t be able to handle and random naked man next to me haha, but ofcourse that made Kirsti want one for me even more! Haha, luckily then man was very tasteful and knew how feart I was haha. He whispered what was gonna happen to me (which settled me right down) and he didn’t completely strip haha.​ All the girls were screaming and snapping away, honestly my snapchat was full of stripper videos today, and Jamie saw the full routine haha, but here is the tail end of my traumatic experience and a few pictures:

[wpvideo XDAnV7w4]

My wee embarassed face when he walked in!

Sitting blindfolded, knowing it’s all about to kick off haha!

Check out this move hahaha! My face says it all here haha, so feart!

The rest of the night was spent playing games with the girls and dancing away – it honestly was a brilliant wee night. The best way to wave goodbye to ‘single’ life.