Loudoun Hill! ⛰

Loudoun Hill! ⛰

A few days ago was my wonderful Home Hen Party with all my girls, so I decided I wanted to spend the Sunday exploring with oor Jad! He was a little rough from the night before so dragging him out of bed was the first challenge of the day haha! 
As we stay in Kilmarnock the closest hill is Loudoun Hill. I have always wanted to climb it and now that my target for 2017 is to explore hills around Scotland, I decided it was time to do it. A lot of people told me it wasn’t too bad to climb so I though this would be a good ‘stepping stone’ into the hill climbing world! It is around 20 minutes to drive there and we bumped the car at the little parking area (luckily there was other people around to follow and let us know how to get near the hill haha!

The beautiful Loudoun Hill.

At the start of our adventure!

As you can see it was a stunning day in Ayrshire – we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a day like this in a month! ☺️👰🏻 We started walking over th fluffy grass and straight away my hayfever wanted to ruin the day ha, but we powered on. It was unbelievable peaceful and I fell in love with the quiet. We made it to the Wallace/Bruce monument which made me feel proud of the Scottish history – Loudoun Hill hosted two large battles between the Scottish and English armies back in the 1300’s. I particularly loved how the monument showcases the beautiful hill.

Spirit of Scotland.

We continued on our walk and stumbled across the lovely little bridge over the river, this is where the mud had started ha. Jamie was dressed in his jeans and safe to say they were covered by the end of our walk. We then reached the hill and started our climb. It was really scary looking back every so often and realising how high we had already reached! By this point Jamie had fell a few times and I was trailing behind ha, honestly the mud was unbelievable. We saw this little Scottie dog casually running up and down hills and getting caked in the mud. His poor owner was trying his best to keep up haha 😂.

This was me celebrating making the halfway mark! I was already feeling motivated to keep going, but already I was scared about how we were going to make it back down haha!

After a few more muddy struggles we made it to the top! I was so excited, and although it isn’t a huge height I was very proud of myslef and Jamie for making it! The views were stunning from the top of the hill and it made me eager to explore more hills around Scotland! 

As expected the travel back down was worse than the road up haha. We slipped down so many muddy slopes and were scared the whole way down. It was hilarious whenever Jamie slipped though haha! 😊 The worst thing about it was after we made it down and looked back we realised we made completely missed the PATHWAY that made the trek a whole lot easier haha. Aww well, we will know for next time! The walk was excellent and I felt so refreshed and happy afterwards. I’m hoping to explore Conic Hill next, so please send any tips and tricks my way!​

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