Old Firm – Away!

Old Firm – Away!

Mar 12th 2017 – OLD FIRM DAY!!

As you can imagine, Old Firm Day is one of the most important days to a Rangers or Celtic fan!! Celtic are dominating the league and I must admit I was expected a big defeat today but I was buzzing at getting a drew against our rivals! 

We woke up very early (well 8:30am but it’s Sunday so early for me haha) and rushed up to Glasgow. We were able to meet up with some fellow fans before getting a taxi up to Celtic Park. 

The place was full of Celtic fans and I must admit, it felt so strange being part of the minority fans! We eventually made it into the Stadium and were surrounded by a sea of blue and looked onto a field of green supporters and flags! The game kicked off and Rangers were a bit sloppy, missing chances and giving Celtic far too much space! It wasn’t surprising when Celtic scored at the end of the first half – to be honest I’m surprised it wasn’t more! 

Second half began and Rangers were picking up the pace! We were defended better and creating more chances! It was within the last 8 minutes that Rangers finally grabbed their biggest chance! Clint Hill clipped the ball into the back of the net and the noise from our end was beyond compare! I was literally thrown about getting hugged and kissed by strangers! What a feeling!!!

Now, usually I would never celebrate a draw! But with the hype before the game and believing we wouldn’t have a chance, it honestly felt amazing!! Looking forward to the next Old Firm in late April!!! 💙💙


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