Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress.

Mar 17th 2017 – The Dress is Here!

Firstly, let me moan about my Friday before I dive into the exciting part! Jad was up all night and I could barely sleep 😐 I was shattered going to my work then come lunch time my migrane was taking over my day! I felt dreadful. I even needed to sprint out the class to be sick 😂 but I powered on through the last hour and then went straight home for a wee lie down!

Eventually I forced myself up and picked up my wee mum and Rhian. We headed up to Braehead in terrible weather 😩 the traffic was heaving and I my petrol light came on haha. We made it to David’s Bridal where I was greeting with the bag holding MY dress! We went through and I was able to try it on for the final time before the wedding. Rhian gasped as I came out and said I was a princess haha, I was ofcourse buzzing at the approval from a three year old! The dress felt much better this time, it actually fit me, my legs could move freely without getting tangled and I could sit down (practising for eating dinner and more importantly doing the toilet 😂). I also  never fainted this time which was bonus!

The lady helping me then brought througha few dresses for Rhian to try on. My mum and I picked our favourite and hoped the wee monster would like it too! We chucked it on her and she lit up. She ran about the shop shouting that me and her were “twins” and kept posing in the mirror. When it came to taking it off she was for none of it haha, only way she agreed to take it off was if I bought it. And ofcourse I did! It is a little big for her around the arms so my alterationist is looking at it on Monday! 

We jumped back in the car after fighting the dresses in and heading down the road! I was so happy to get the dresses home, and feel like everything is just about ready now! 

Only 2 weeks to go! 😁👍🏼