Stirling Castle! 🏰

Stirling Castle! 🏰

Jamie and I decided to spend our last weekend together as an unmarried couple visting Stirling Castle!

Filter saving my life as usual!

Jamie drove there and luckily the sun started to peck out as we arrived! We stupidly parked far away from the Castle, but it gave me some extra steps for my Fitbit! 👍🏼 we approached the Castle enterance and immediately noticed the packs of tourists from around the world! We visited the Bruce Monument first, which looked over an amazing view!

Robert the Bruce

You could even see the Wallace Monument in the far distance – somewhere else I have always wanted to visit!

William Wallace Monument

It was great touring the Castle and learning all about James V and his reign! It was cool to see how he changed the castle when he came into power, and how people lived back in olden days!

King James V statue erected onto the castle!

Our favourite part of the tour was seeing all the different rooms and playing about with the canons – basically acting like big children!

Braw boy! Jad hiding in a small area under the castle.

Sitting at the large baquet table in the Grand Hall.

The Grand Hall

The Queen’s Chamber

I loved this latge tapestry!

My hair has went wild up on the top of castle.

Big cannons looking out of the castle.

I really enjoyed the castle and felt like I leanrned lots about the Scottish Royals! It had made me want to visit more castles in Scotland as there are loads around us. Makes me feel quite quilty that I have so much history around me and I haven’t even explored it! More adventures to come hopefully! 


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