Our Wedding Day!

Our Wedding Day!

I am officially Mrs. Dunn! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
Yesterday was literally the best day of my life. Everything was perfect and so personal to us! I will just share a little lowdown from our day and share some photos along the way! 😊 check out my Facebook page to see all the photos people sent me throughout the day!

Well I woke up at 7:00am at my mum and days house, I spent surprising well actually and was really happy to see wee Jad had messaged me! I jumped straight into a shower to waking myself up and then headed down to see Aly (my bridesmaid) and Sam (our wonderful makeup artist). Sam did Aly’s make up first while I dried my hair and saw Rhian. She was alreay excited about the day and already wanting to be a roaster haha! After Aly was all finished and beautiful I jumped on the seat and got dolled up! I was a little worried at first incase my face was too dark, but I looked really nice and Sam had done an incredible job.

While Sam played with my mum’s face Aly and I packed up the car with the dresses and cake and drove to our hotel The Waterside. The sun was starting to come out and I already knew the day was going to be brilliant! We eventually arrived at the hotel and were greeted with open arms. They helped us in with our bags, and other items and took us to our room! Our room was massive, it has 4 balconies, a jacuzzi bath, sauna, sofa, big bed and televisions everywhere!

Kirsti (my sister and chief bridesmaid) and Claire (wee pal and hairdressers for the day) were already in the room and setting the place up for our hair. They did an amazing job and all of our hairdos complimented us well. 

By this point the photographer and videographer had popped in to see us and were snapping away. I was so excited when the hotel told me that the boys has arrived and some of them came up to give me a little visit!

After we all got dressed, we spent some time taking photos and then calming me down before heading down stairs.

We eventually made it down stairs and for the first time the nerves started to kick in. Everyone was seated and my intro music has started. My dad dragged me down the aisle, but as soon as I looked up and saw Jamie I calmed down and started to take in all of my surroundings. The ceremony had began and straight away you could tell it was completed personalised for Jamie and I. George (our humanist) told our guest our story and how we are best friends, he also shared our three reasons that we love each other which made the crowd laugh and tear up πŸ™‚ and our friends Cassay and Rachelle stood up and read a beautiful piece all about ‘friendship’ πŸ’œ

We were then pronounced husband and wife and had a wee smooch before signing our documents – last time signing Amanda Smith!

The ceremony had ended and I can honestly say I have never heard so much laughter and fun in a wedding before! It was us down to a T! We headed outside, gave everyone and cuddle and then had some group shots taking outside on the beach! The weather was fantastic and we really couldn’t of hoped for a better day! 

Eventually it was dinner time πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™ we all found our seats and prepared ourselves for the speeches. My dad was first and he made most of the room cry. He was so nice about me and ofcourse he said a lot of kind words about Jamie too! Jad was next and it slowly stopped being a speech and turned into a stand up comedy. The boy is actually hilarious and so quick witted πŸ˜‚πŸ’™ he spoke about me, my family, his family and our pals so perfectly and it made everyone cheer, laugh and ‘awwww’! 

Finally it was the time for the Best Men. William’s was short and sweet and he officially welcomed me into the Dunn Family. Kenny’s was hilarious, vulgar but hilarious! He made everyone cringe with old stories and laugh loads. And lastly, Andrew’s speech was all about old stories with Jamie and he even had a big projecter with a message from Kurt Angle the wrestler! They all dis brilliantly, and then we all relaxed and tucked into some well earned grub!

After dinner we were able to relax for a little bit while our evening guests started to arrive. We were called in and Jamie and I were asked to cut our cake and dance for our First Dance.

​[wpvideo t0DljKUV]​
Finally, we could dance and have a chat with all our guests. I loved out reception as the dancefloor was never empty! 

From start to finish our day was perfect, and ofcourse our night ended with us on our pals shoulders dancing to football songs!!

​[wpvideo vKElOTwi]​