Tenerife! ☀️

Tenerife! ☀️

Tenerife!Now that I am on my way home from Tenerife, I can finally post a bigger account of the place!


The journey was long! Both there and back! 4 and a half hours seems a lot longer when you are up in the air and not able to move around a lot. Luckily Jamie and I downloaded some films for the travel back to Scotland. We decided to watch Sully – probably not the best time to watch a film about a plane crash – and we loved it. Films defo make the trip more barable and I will do it from now on on big flights.


We stayed at Paradise Park in Los Cristianos. The hotel was huge with 8 floors, all packed with rooms, bars, and entertainment. On the ground floor there was a large restaurant, night time entertainment club, pool area, bars, and play areas. First floor had a latger bar, gym, spa area, hairdressers and lots of shops. On the top floor was another bar area, pool and rooftop sunbathing areas! There were other areas that we did not really see because we were out a lot but overall the place was good! As we were all inclusive we could help ourselves to drinks and food – Jamie loved all the free beer! 🍺 The food was good and it had a good variation from day to day!

Our Week

Tuesday – Explored the hotel and slept.

Wednesday – Explore Los Cristianos, and Las Americans.

Thursday – Went to Siam Park!

Friday – Lounged about all day and relaxed on the rooftop area.

Saturday – Went to Loro Parque.

Sunday – Visited the Ibroc Bar for the Rangers game.

Monday – Went on the Royal Delfin.

Tuesday – Travelled back home.

Siam Park

Siam Park was amazing. For those of you that don’t know, Siam Park is one of the biggest and well known waterparks in Spain. We were able to get the free bus to the park and bought our wristbands. I haven’t taken any photos of the place or rides as I kept my phone in the hotel. It would of got soaked anyway haha! But the place was very well organised, clean and friendly. You are not waiting in queues very long at all – luckily we didn’t need to at all due to our fast pass tickets!

Loro Parque

Again, so I have mentioned in an older post, I really enjoyed Loro Parque. I do have my issues and concerns with the Ocras being kept but overall the park is a friendly atmosphere and the animals seem the be taken care off! I can show you a good few pictures from the park and of the animals. There is a lot of shows available and you could easily spend a full day visiting the animals.

Royal Delfin

It truely was amazing to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat! The boat was very busy with a lot of people pushing their way to the front haha, but we still managed to see a fair but. I actuall got goosebumps when I saw the animals. Putting aside the fact I was seasick this was an amazing trip!


If only we were there for another couple of days 😩 I really wanted to travel to the top of El Tiede – the highest peak in Spain! If i ever return I will definately be completing this dream of mine! There were lots of other places we would of loved to see, such as, The Monkey Jungle, Go Karting, The Jungle Park, a lot of water sport activities, and ofcourse there is a lot of night life for those who like to go out!

Final Thoughts

I really loved my time here, it’s the perfect holiday for a balanced week! You have a lot to do and see, however there are lots of places and time to simply do nothing and just relax! Something Jamie and I really needed after all the wedding malarky!