Anfield Stadium – Liverpool FC

Anfield Stadium – Liverpool FC

Firstly, I will start with saying I am a Man Utd fan and really shouldn’t step foot inside this stadium haha, but as Jamie has a soft spot for the team I decided to take him on a tour of the massive stadium – I know, best wife in the world! (Still feels strange saying wife haha).

The stadium was huge and although the have a new main stand, lots of the original materials and history are still apparent! 

The tour started in the executive lounge where celebs are wined and dined during games, it was stunning but would spare you Β£25000 for a season! We then headed out to the stand where we saw the whole pitch and learned a lot about the stands. I really limed learning about the Kop stand and how so many people would cram in there to support their team!

We were also able to walk down next to the pitch and sit in the dugout! I was shocked at how close the fans are to the players!

We also had a tour of the players lounge and other areas of the stadium. And we finished up with their museum. Here you could see their trophies, old strips and ofcourse learn a lot about the legend that ja Steven Gerrard! πŸ’™ 

The tour was very good and well organised! I’m happy I went and learned about the team! Jamie loved it too πŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈ