Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday.

Apr 16th 2017 – Easter Sunday!

Okay .. Here in Kilmarnock, Easter Sunday is known as the best day out of the year (closely followed by Halloween). Almost everyone is out on the day and it is easily the busiest day in the town by far! It is also the only day of the year I like a good few drams haha! 

We started our day off visiting Rhian and giving her chocolate eggs and bunnies haha! We also took Kirsti to her work, who happens to be in a pub today 😳😩 she will be run off her feet! Then Jamie and I went to our local pub to meet our friends. We started the day off correct and went for some lunch/dinner. I had some fish and chips 😍😍😍 and ofcourse I had to wash it down with some daiquiris 💜👍🏼 It was brilliant to see everyone again after the wedding and share stories about the day!

Later we did a bit of a pub crawl until we eventually made it back to our local! We spent the night in there drinking and on karaoke. Best night ever! It was also Hayley’s first big night out since having babg Luke! 🙂💙 

** Some embarassing stories now 😂 **

1. On our way to the restaurant, we crossed the road and stopped to see which direction we were walking. Ofcourse I was facing the wrong way and had to turn. When doing this I turned round fast and literally smashed my head on a Pedestrian Crossing box 😂 the sound was horrible, and the laughter from the others was loud ha! I am alright now ha, just a big lump on my crown hahaha!

2. Jamie and I walked all the way home (about 1.3 miles) to then realise we had left our house keys in the car that we left in the pub! 😩😢 Absolutely daftys! Luckily my mum has a spare set so we raced round to her and got them! Hi Mum .. when you do read this sorry for waking you up haha!

3. I didn’t have a lot to drink and for the last three hours of the night I drank only water, but this caused my tummy to go all funny! I spent a good part of the night up and shakey thinking I was going to be sick, until at some point I had to run to the toilet and brought everything up! Wee Jamie really looked after me actually, kept cuddling me whilst I was bent over the loo haha! Honestly though, I felt 100% better after being sick and managed to get cuddled up in my bed!

Overall it was a brilliant day! Easter Sunday never dissappoints! Until next year lads! 💜


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