Hair Progress!

Hair Progress!

As most of you guys know, around this time last year I discovered I had developed alopecia from the medicine Topirimate! My hair was thinning and falling out at a rapid rate and I was beginning to stress over it! Luckily, my little sister is a hairdresser and she helped me in my bid to get my long healthy hair back!

I have always had long, thick hair so this was a big shock to me – especially with my wedding coming up!

Above is my hair just before I took the medication – November 2015 – and as you can see it’s long, blonde and thick!! As my hair worsened, Kirsti decided to dye it brown and give it a little break. My hair is naturally blonde, but I did enjoy a wee highlight now and again; therefore dyeing it dark and not having to touch it for a long time seemed the correct way to go!

Anyway, today on my timehop a photo of my hair last year popped up and I was so happy with how my hair has improved over the space of a year!

A year ago today, this was my little strands of hair! Little whispy ends that would literally break in your hands when you washed them! But, today my hair looks like this:

It may not seem a big difference to you guys reading this but, in real life the improvements are huge! My hair is thicker, it’s longer and it doesn’t fall out anymore!!

I am so happy with the progress ans hoping the progress continues until I have my long, strong hair back! All this from only a few small changes that my sister Kirsti and friend Claire suggested:

  1. I wash my hair a lot less than before, maybe only two days a week!
  2. I occassionally (usually once a week) use a conditioning treatment in my hair.
  3. I take a Biotin supplement every night, just to ensure I am getting enough to make my hair grow strong.
  4. I enjoy the occassion Olaplex treatment – I have only had four but the feeling of my hair afterwards has totally convinced me to keep getting them monthly!

Fingers crossed we can keep up this progress and hopefully it helps anyone else out there struggling with this issue! 💜💇🏻



  1. April 30, 2017 / 11:56 pm

    It must have been quite a shock when you realized your hair was falling out. I’m so glad you’re seeing progress (and wow, what beautiful blond locks you had!)!

    • May 1, 2017 / 10:07 am

      I know my hair was amazing!!! Miss it so much! But I’ll have my hair back soon hopefully; slowly but surely! Xx

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