Marathon in May – Day 2.

Marathon in May – Day 2.

Day 2 – 02/05/17

Full Day Miles: 14.07

Specific Walk/Run Miles: 7.67


Today was a cracking day both for my fitness and for our marathon in may challenge! Caroline and Hazel wanted to continue their hard work from yesterday with a big walk from Troon to Irvine and back and I decided to tag along – the sun was out and it was far too good a day to turn down!

We walked down the beach and into town to get some icecream 😊 it was a brilliant wee walk and we had a lot of fun with Hazel’s dog Ben! 

The other miles were made up from my walk to and back from work, general teaching, my daily mile and then cleaning up the house when I got back! Keeping the motivation going thanks to my pals pushinh me on haha!


Total Full Day Miles: 20.66

Total Specific Walk/Run Miles: 12.05

Approx. Miles to go: 14