Marathon in May – Day 6.

Marathon in May – Day 6.

Day 6: 06/05/2017

Full Day Miles: 6.85

Specific Walk/Run Miles: 2.94


As mentioned in my earlier blog I got up and left Jamie in bed to walk to the gym and back! I managed to spend some time on the treadmill when I got there but was spending most of the time working on my arms! It was such a nice day and have really developed a love for walking! It totally calms me down and makes me chilled out! It is now up there with a shower and cleaning on my relaxing/making me calm doon activities haha! 

The rest of my full day steps were made up with cleaning, running about like a looney with Rhian and a spot of gardening! 👍🏼 almost completed the challenge and I am buzzing!


Total Full Day Miles: 46.28

Total Specific Walk/Run Miles: 21.87

Approx. Miles To Go: 4 


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