Finally Jamie agreed to take me to Falkirk! It’s a place I have always wanted to visit because of the Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel – I know I’m a saddo but I have the urge to see weird and wonderful things haha!

Anyway, we travelled to Falkirk while listening to some goos songs (Jad was gettinf annoyed at my amazing taste in music haha) and eventually I could see the Kelpies in the distance. I was like an excited school girl haha!

We eventually parked at the Falkirk Football Stadium, which was great for me to see as Rangers have played there on a few occassions and I have never been to an away day here!

We walked across the road and reached the Helix Park. This was a lovely area full or activities for families to do. There was a large lake where pedalos were available, a big park (which we had to got play on haha) , cycle and walkway paths to explore Falkirk and ofcourse little cafes!

After Jad stuffed his face we set on our travels to see the Kelpies. It was about a mile walk and the paths were so easy to follow. When we reached them I was again, like a little school girl ahaha. I got loads of photos and I was fascinated by them.

Jamie was more preoccupied with a little boat that was trying to fit under a bridge … he literallt spent the full time watching men hack parts off the funnell to get it to fit under!

I wanted to walk the 3.8 miles to see the Falkirk Wheel but Jad was having none of it haha – lazy bam! But he did drive me over to see it. It was huge, not a lot to do at this area but still, seeing it was great!

I know there is probably a lot more to see and do in Falkirk, but I was very happy with what I saw 😊👍🏼

Next adventure / challenge : Millport Cycle!