Toddler Test – Rhian.

Toddler Test – Rhian.

TODDLER TEST… No Coaching, just asking!

Another quiz sent to me. This time all about Rhian and her mad answers haha!

•What is your name? Rhian.

• How old are you? 5 no 3.

• When is your birthday? Jan (still so surprised she got this)!

• How old is your mummy? 5 (hahaha).

• What is your favourite colour? Pink.

•What is your favourite food? Chips.

•Who is your best friend? Mummy.

• What is your favourite show? PJ Masks.

•What is your favourite song? Let It Go.

• What is your favourite animal? Tiger.

• What are you scared of? Snakes.

• What makes you happy? A birdie (most random answer ever haha).

• Where is your favourite place to go? Bala’s House (some of you might remember ha, Rhian calls my mum – her gran – Bala; I have no idea where it came from but it has stuck)!

•What do you want to be when you grow up? A unicorn (life goals right there)!

•What does love mean? Cuddles.

I adore her man!! She is actually so clever for a little 3 year old; she will be a brainy wee girly when she gets to school! 💜🙂



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