Loudoun Hill : Part 2.

Loudoun Hill : Part 2.

On Saturday my dad and I decided to take my new walking boots out to test them out. We didn’t want to spend all day out so a wee trek up Loudoun Hill was perfect! I completed this hill a few months ago but it’s a newbie for my dad who was a keen climber back in the day haha!

He picked me up and we head out to Loudoun! It was a gloomy day but luckily it didn’t rain while we were out. It was however so windy!!! 🙁

We made it to the statue and already we were loving the trek, but still quite tired!

We plodded on past the sheep and started the ascend. It has been miserable weather recently so the hill walk up was pretty muddy. Luckily my dad fashioned a little walking stick to keep me upright! 😍 About half way up we had a little break to take in the view and see how far we had already walked.

Eventually we got to the top! The wind was unbelievable! I literally held onto the mount for dear life haha. And ofcourse my wee dad went full on protective daddy and tried to hold me hand the full time I was up at the top 😊.

We chilled for a bit and then decided to head back down. We went the opposite way from our incline due to the mud and managed it down in no time at all. In fact – the last time I did Loudoun Hill, Jamie and I got up for 36minutes, today my dad and I did it in 19! 😏💪🏼 

We stopped again at the bottom to soak in the scenery and talk about our little achievement!

All in all it wad a great wee day out with my dad! 💙 Love you big fella!!! 😘💜⛰