June Top Five!

June Top Five!

Hello, it is the end of June already. šŸ˜©

I have seen a lot of people post their June favourites but I haven’t prepared much for that sort of post – I aim to have enough content for the end of July.

Instead, I decided to reflect on my Top 5 moments over the past 30 days šŸ™‚

1. My Birthday: Ofcourse my birthday was going to play a part here. My birthday is the first day of June and I tend to use the full month to celebrate haha! This year was pretty quiet but still amazing. Jamie took me to Falkirk to see the sights and I managed to spend some time with my amazing family.

2. My New Car: Jamie and I bought a brand new car! We managed to hand over our older one and trade for a newer, faster and better motor! We are still treating it like new and keeping it clean! I am no used to it and no long stalling hahaha!

3. I ran a 10K: I was brave and pushed myself to run a 10K race around my hometown. Running is not my strong point and I avoid it all costs ha, but I kept going the whole way and completed it within 1 hour and 15 minutes. I then signed myself up for the Kiltwalk at 26 miles!

4. I spent time with Smudger: I love my old man and was grateful that I got to spend a lot of time with him this month! We climbed up Loudoun Hill together and he helped me gut out my back door! We have planned more outtings for this month and I am so excited already!

5. I started my new job: And lastly, I became an emotional wreck and had to wave goodbye to my beloved Bellfield Primary School. I loved the school, the staff, the parents and the children and was completely gutted to walk away from the place for the last time! But, I was lucky enough to spend time in my new workplace and meet the new work buddies and children!

Looking through my pictures I could of went on and on ha, but I felt 5 highlights were enough haha! Looking forward to a busy July with lots of exciting plans!

What were your highlights of June, and do you have any plans for July?

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