Hello guys. I am slowly but surely getting back into the swing of blogging.

Last week my Dad had a day off his work and we grabbed the opportunity to go on another trek. This time we decided to explore Dunoon.


My dad woke me up super early – was only 7:00am haha but I’m on holiday – and we drove to the ferry terminal. The last time I was on a boat I was terribly seasick so I was pretty nervous.

The commute was fine and I conquered my fear a little haha. As you can see, it was an incredibly windy day haha!

We arrived in Dunoon and my Dad took me to Hunters Quay – a caravan and losge site that I visited as a child and where him and my mum visit regularly. The facilities were great and I would love to bring wee Jad there sometime! 

Anyway, we continued on our travels and reached the Benmore Botantic Gardens. The place was amazing! Trees that were thousands of years old and beautiful wooden sculptures surrounded the large garden. It felt brilliant to be so close to nature and the walkways were challenging but fun. Here are some of the photos I took along the trek :

There were a lot more pictures taken – visit my Facebook page if you want to see the full album. The Botanic Gardens would be an excellent family day out as the walks could be differentiated to suit your own pace/level of fitness. I loved it.

Afterwards, we headed round to around walking area that was home to a few places of interest. We decided to walk Puck’s Glen – my highlight of the full day. The place was perfect! It had sneaky walkways all the way along a little glen flowing into the Firth of Clyde. As you can imagine, it was pretty slidy and we had to watch our step! Here are some of the pictures from Puck’s Glen:

It really was an amazing day spent with my Dad. Before boarding the ferry home, we visited the War Memorial Monument:

​[wpvideo oHuZxYyx]​
I highly reccommend these places of interest – suited for the full family and a lot of fun. Already looking forward to my next adventure with Smudger! 🙂🌲

-Amanda x