Arthur’s Seat.

Arthur’s Seat.

Finally, the sun was shining and it was time for a well needed catch up with my Rachelle! Rachelle is one of my best friends who is now living in Edinburgh because of uni, so as you can imagine, I haven’t seen her anywhere near the amount as I used to! But today, we met up, shared all the gossip from the last few months and tackled Arthur’s Seat!

The start of our walk already felt pretty high as you could see a lot of the Edinburgh skyline. We started our trek and I was out of breathe pretty fast! It was a steep walk and because there was a lot of people I felt we were constantly stopped to let people past. We decided to catch a breathe at the first open area:

The views were stunning, and because it was such a nice day you could see for miles! I loved this walk because there was so many open areas for people to stop and lay on the grass or have a picnic. The area is massive with lots of little summits in between.

We powered on through the heat and tried to find some route where it was less packed. We stopped once more before reaching the summit:

The place was beautiful, and it really made you appreicate Scotland 💙

Again, we continued our trek to the point. By the time we reached the top there were queues to get to the summit points. I honestly couldn’t believe how busy the area was – that is Edinburgh in a nutshell though! From the top, you could see the full of Edinburgh and it took my breathe away!

Because it was so warm and rocky, I had a difficult time getting back down haha! I honestly must of fell about 10 times haha. We did explore some of the little summits on our way down though:

I thoroughly enjoyed my climb up Arthur’s Seat and encourage you all to visit it if you are ever in our Capital City! 🙂⛰

-Amanda x