Cairn Table.

Cairn Table.

Hello guys! 🙂

In a few days time I am jetting off to Rome so haven’t had much of a chance to venture outside much this week. Last week however, I got about a fair amount! As well as climbing Arthur’s Seat I conquered the Cairn Table!

My best friend Aly and I decided to tackle her local hill Cairn Table – some of you may know about Aly (fitness freak and my lovely bridesmaid) but if not let me fill you in : she runs all the time, everyday almost, and participates in a race almost every weekend haha; she even run up and down this hill in less than an hour! SHE IS A MACHINE!!! 💪🏼 

Anyway… she dragged her less fit pal along for today! It took us ages to get to the top, I was so surprised because it was a gradual incline and every time you looked behind you it was hard to believe how high you really were. 

And of course we had our stunning pal Murphy with us on our journey:

The last photo there was taken seconds before Murphy found some sheep in the distance and was off! Literally sped away while Aly and I attempted to run down a hill calling his name. He eventually came back but we were knackered haha!

I enjoyed the views at the summit as I was able to soak in the nature around me. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere and I loved the peace and quiet!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day out in Murkirk and would reccommend this walk! I honestly just love being out and about, it’s a great way to spend yer day!

-Amanda x