Rome, Italy.

Rome, Italy.

What a City Break that was! 🙂 For the people that already know, I bought Jamie a lovely trip away to Rome as his family are Italian – so romantic haha! Anyway, the trip was completely out of this world!


We woke up early on Thursday for our flight from Glasgow – Rome. Our two friends Claire and Mike were travelling at the same time so we managed to meet up with them beforehand. 🙂 The flight went by pretty fast as Jamie and I watched the newest series of Prison Break. We also flew over the Alps:

Once we landed the heat hut us straight away. It was beyond roasting! We got the transfer bus to our hotel and then had to wait for ages! The hotel staff said there was a ‘system error’ but checked different people in when they pleased. The lobby was full of annoyed people and I was getting fed up. Eventually, they let us into our room 😐 but the full day had been wasted really. We could only visit the town for two hours before the last bus home; so we headed our for dinner and visited St. Peter’s Square and got some ice cream – 

Another very early morning for Jad and I haha. We left the hotel at 7:30am in order to get the travel sorted for our tours. First was the Vatican City tour.

The tour began at 9:00am and led us into the Vatican doors. It is considered a different country/state so a lot of security measures were taken! Eventually we got through the doors and entered the courtyard: 

The sun was belting down on us so we continually searched for shade. Our first area of the tour was the Vatican Museums. I loved this as you heard a lot about the Catholic beliefs and where they come from. I, myself am not religious in the slightest but I found it interesting to hear their thoughts. The Musuem was huge and had a lot of historical features such as statues, tapestries and paintings: 

The Museum tour ended in the Sistine Chapel – we weren’t allowed to talk or take pictures in this area as it is still used today. Also, the paintings my Michael Angelo were not permitted to be photographed. If you ever visit this area remember to cover your knees and shoulders!! People were being refused entey otherwise. The paint work was breathtaken! The ceiling took MA 4 years to paint and the Final Judgement painting 5!

Eventually the Musuem tour ended and we made our way to St. Peter’s Square to visit the Basilica. This churxh was truely amazing! It is the biggest church known in the world and can fit the Statue of Liberty under it’s dome! Each section has shrines or statues of past Popes/Saints and all tell their own story:

My pictures really don’t do it justice. Anyway, we then had a few hours to spare before our next tour so we grabbed some food and got the Metro to the Colloseum! 

We arrived and met our group who started our tour walking up the Palatine Hill. Because of the heat this proved very difficult ha, but we eventually made it to the top:

From here you couls see all of the ruins and Ancient Rome! We then explored Ancient Rome ans heard all th history of how Christianity took over the city and how slaves were used. This led us to the Colloseum. This was what I wanted to see the most! 😍

We learned all about the fights that took place and how gladiators and animals were treated. The place was amazing and a must-see:

Later on that night we met up with Claire and Mike. We had an amazing dinner and a few drinks in a lovely square:

We ended up getting home at 2am, so you can imagine how tired I was haha!


I loved the Saturday! We had a lie in after our very busy day and then headed into the town. We managed to get the Metro to Spagne and got some lunch. My amazing navagation skills helped us to find the Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps. The Trevi fountain was the highlight of the full weekend; even Jad got goosebumps when he saw it! Together we made our wishes and dropped some coins in the water:

The Spanish Steps were also a cool thing to see, but by the time we reached them it was far too warm for us haha:

Again we met Claire and Mike, had some dinner and called it an early night! 


It was the last day and we weren’t gettinf picked up until 5:30pm. So we decided to go one more adventure with Mike and Claire – this time we used Mike’s navigation skills to help us find the Pantheon:

Eventually, we were picked back up and taken to the airport. We all has our last dinner and jetted off:

I absolutely loved the trip and would reccommend you all to go if you ever get the chance. Jamie loved it too and has finally caught the travelling bug – hoping to book up our next trip to Poland this week. 

Is there anywhere you think we should visit?

I hope you all enjoyed my snippets of Rome and find the pictures as amazing as I did!

-Amanda x