Bungee Jump.

Bungee Jump.

As mentioned before, I have participated in my fair share of charity events. One of my favourites and scariest was the Bungee Jump!! 

I previously worked in Coral the bookies and as a staff, a handful of us decided to tackle a bungee jump to raise money for MacMillan Cancer! We raised money for a month or two beforehand and then, on the 11th August 2013 we jumped! We tackled the Titan Crane in Glasgow which stands at over 150ft, and supported one another through it all!

A bunch of my family had come to support including oor Jad, Kirsti (who was pregnant with little Rhian), Rhian’s dad David, and my Grandparents! They were all scared for me but were proud too. My mum and dad were in Spain during the jump, but were on the phone constantly just to make sure I was still breathing haha.

The gang all climbed up the Crane and listened to all the safely malarky, and then lined up to take the plunge! I was really confident when going up, I thought I had it in the bag – until I stood at the edge and looked over the water before the jump aha. I had a laugh with the lads that worked on the crane but I was a big fearty haha. Eventually, I gathered the courage and just ran off the top haha. I should have jumped, or even fell, but nahhh I just sprinted off the end hahaha! 

That forth photo is the most horrendous photo of me ever hahahahah. They hauled me back up and I felt amazing! My little sister took a video of the whole jump – please be aware she was very feart haha, there is a lot of screaming and a little swaering haha – The Video

These two photos are my favourite!! Makes me feel on top of the world 😍👍🏼

Altogether we raised over £2000 and made the local paper! I was very proud of us all and would encourage you all to give it a bash. 😍👍🏼