August Wrap Up!

August Wrap Up!

August was a busy and exciting month for me! I managed to visit a new country/city; plan for more adventures and start my new job with my new class. Here is a little rundown of the past 31 days:

Tues 1st Aug: I spent the day with my wee mum and Rhian. I also said goodbye to Cassay and Rachelle who are away travelling through Europe for the next month.

Wed 2nd Aug: I packed and preped for my trip to Rome!

Thurs 3rd Aug: I jumped on the plane and flew to Rome! I was so excited for a weekend away with our Jad!

Fri 4th Aug: I was on my feet all day! I did however visit The Vatican City, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters Square, St. Peters Basilica, The Colloseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill! Go see my Rome Post for a deeper insight.

Sat 5th Aug: Continuing with my trip to Rome; Jamie and I visited the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Again, look at the Rome Post to find out more.

Sun 6th Aug: It was our last day in Rome so we visited the Pantheon before jetting off home to our own beds. Final time to viait the Rome Post to find out all about our trip.

Mon 7th Aug: I caught up with my family and told them all the gossip from Rome! I also did about 5 washes to get my clothes back on track!

Tues 8th Aug: I dragged Jamie into my new school to start the big tidy! We then stuffed our faces and watched some classic Gordon Ramsay programmes.

Wed 9th Aug: I headed back into school to sort aome things out. I also visited my wee mum and Rhian. I finished off the day going to the football where Rangers won 6-0! And finally, Jamie and I booked up Poland-Krakow for October!!

Thurs 10th Aug: TATTOO DAY! Yep, today I got a few more pieces added to my leg. And a few little extra for my little sister Kirsti and oor Jad!

Fri 11th Aug: Today I visited my Bellfield work buddies Caroline and Hazel 💜 They took me to the new build school and showed me their classes – the school is honestly amazing, all new and fancy! We then went for some lunch and shopping! They were so helpful and made me get a new wardrobe for going back to school! Going to miss seeing them everyday 😩.

Sat 12th Aug: Finally, the first home game of the season! After the 6-0 success on Wednesday I was expecting great things, but nawwww! Hibs beat us, easily! 😐

Sun 13th Aug: All I wanted to do today was sleep, but Jamie invited the boys over the watch the football 😐 it was a fun day though 🙂 and then Jaddy boy topped it off by cooking me some of his Lasagne. 🤤🤤

Mon 14th Aug: Jad was in a right wee huff today after his work aha! I had a great day though hahaha! I helped my dad gut out the loft today. It was full of old clothes and films and after the big clearout my dad transformed it into a new playroom for Rhian and any future grandchildren haha!

Tues 15th Aug: My last day off! I spent my last day seeing the wee beauty Rhian and taking my Papa into the opticians. When I got home, I tried my best to get a full sleep ha!

Wed 16th Aug: BACK TO WORK!! 😕 I love my job, I really do! But after six weeks off. It was near impossible to fo back! I felt scunnered after the long day if I’m being honest, purely because it’s a new school and I’m trying to get used to the ways things are done here. All the staff have been amazing though, so I am looking forward to my time here! Also, my lovely sister bought me this card hahaha!

Thurs 17th Aug: Today I met my new pupils and tried to have a nice relaxed first day with them! Decided to spend the firs few weeks reinforcing the rules to ensure they have the best learning experience. Looks like a fun, challenging and exciting upcoming school year!

 Fri 18th Aug: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMUDGER!! Today was my wonderful Dad’s birthday! Genuinely love this guy so much! Best dad on the planet!!

Sat 19th Aug: Another day up at Ibrox – Rangers v Hearts today with a 0-0 result. Pretty poor game, and left feeling annoyed at our performance. But… my night was improved dramatically at Kenny and Hayley’s Engagement Party! Was good to see all the gang again and celebrate together. Also, I straightened my hair for the first time in ages and it is finally growing!! 

Sun 20th Aug: Jamie was pretty hungover today, so we had a really lazy day in front of the tele! We also visited the little monster  who thinks she is now a makeup artist haha! 

Mon 21st Aug: Another start to a busy week at work. I feel like I speny most of my night here too but it was nice coming home to some lovely flowers from oor Jad. 

Tues 22nd Aug: Today I was able to organise a goo bit of my classroom and have finally started to get it the way I want it to look! We also painted huge dinosaurs as part of our class topic.

Wed 23rd Aug: Today was a strange day. I was really happy at work and then left to meet my pals Hazel and Caroline – but half way through dinner I started to feel worried and shakey. Slowly accepting the fact the doctors could be right about my anxiety. I felt so embarassed and basically had to left straight away! 😩 hoping to find some better coping techniques.

Thurs 24th Aug: A much better day today!! No signs of worry and had a great day with my cheribs. It is also the wedding anniversary of my wonderful parents!! I also had the chance to wear my new green dress for work. 

Fri 25th Aug: Finally Friday!!! Had a nice day with my class discussing working as a team and using some ICT. I then stayed for ages afterwards but felt a lot more organised for the upcoming week. My first full week was a success but I am sooooo happy to have a long lie this weekend.

Sat 26th Aug: I literally wanted to sleep all day! I spent the day lounging about and planning what Laptop to get before Jamie headed out to watch the fight.

Sun 27th Aug: Jamie bounded in at 8:30am, woke me up and I spent the rest of the day crabbit and tired! 

Mon 28th Aug: I had the day from hell today! Literally. I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall and then I brought my negativity home with me 😩. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a new day!

Tues 29th Aug: Much better day today! The children were more settled, Jamie cooked me dinner and I was able to relax when I got home. Also, today I finally reached 100 WordPress followers! 👍🏼 

Wed 30th Aug: Best day in work so far!! I have a challenging class this year and trying to get them into a routine is my main focus right now, but today they were listening well and getting better at following the rules. I also tired them all out but doing Joe Wicks HIIT School Workout haha. After school I started Yoga and absolutely loved it! 

Thurs 31st Aug: Last day of August and again my class are getting better each day! I had a training meeting after work today in my old school so it was good to see all my buddies again.

Overall the month has been pretty busy with work and trying to get used to the new school environment. I’m loving my new job and all the staff around me so I’m hoping to be into the swing of it all very soon! I hope you all had an exciting August 😍💙

-Amanda x