August Top Five!

August Top Five!

Another busy month, and one that flew by so fast! I literally cannot believe it is September already! 😐 

Anyway, let’s dive straight into my August Top Five, which was a tricky choice as I have spent most of the month at my work slugging away trying to figure out my new Primary 3s haha!

1. I visited the city of Rome: This holiday was amazing as most of you will have read on my full post – ROME POST! I had the best long weekend with Jamie, Claire and Mike and managed to Tick a lot off the bucket list including seeing the Colloseum, the Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and all the other wonderful sights in Rome. 

2. I started my new job, officially: I am now a proud teacher at Shortlees Primary School and I am loving it. I have a big challenge in front of me so I am eager to learn and grow as a teacher this year. The staff and children have made me feel very welcome and I’m excited to get to know the school routines deeper each week! 

3. I started my own Teacher’s Instagram: I am soooo happy I did this! I have found so many great ideas through other teacher accounts and I am loving the support and expertise amongst other professionals! Visit my post about my instagram account – POST or simply visit my new page – MY ACCOUNT to see my teaching life closer.  

4. We celebrated Kenny and Hayley’s Engagement: Two of our best friends Kenny and Hayley celebrated their engagement at a great party 🙂 It was a good night for both families to get together and talk about the upcoming wedding. 

5. Football is back: And last, but certainly not least we are back at Ibrox!! Rangers didn’t have the best few opening games but we are slowly clawing our way back up to the top end of the league table. Here’s hoping we stay up at that top end haha!

Thanks again for having a nosey at my Top Five series 🙂 hopefully you all had a nice August and slowly preparing for summer to end! 

-Amanda x