First Crossfit Class.

First Crossfit Class.

I finally did it! After all these months of speaking about it to folk and debating whether or not to go, I finally went to a Crossfit Box. My friend at work Kirsty goes to ULT Crossfit in Ayr – a little further than some of the boxes near me but a lot cheaper and well run – and let me tag along for a night!

The workout was 3mins on 1min rest for 6 exercises, which I thought was a nice beginner session for me. You had to get as many calories or rounds as possible in the 3mins. I decided to stay really light and pace myself. The instructions let me dive straight in but kept an eye out incase I needed any help. 

The exercises and my results included:

  1. SkiErg Machine – 35cals
  2. 10 Deadlifts and 10 Barbell Jumpovers – 10 Rounds
  3. 10 Kettlebell Thrusters and 3 Walking Laps on room – 5 Rounds
  4. Air Bike Machine – 56 cals
  5. 10 Wall Balls and 10 Burpees – 2.5 Rounds
  6. Plank Hold (as long as possible) then Situps when you fall from Plank – held plank for 1min 50sec

For a first time ever I was proud of myself. I really found the Wall Balls tricky, which surprised me because they look pretty simple! 

I really couldn’t believe how kind and helpful everyone was there. People stopped to help me during their workout and made time to find me smaller weight!

I loved my time and will definately be back! 💙🙂

-Amanda x