Wedding Challenge – Day 1

Wedding Challenge – Day 1

30 Day Wedding Challenge

Day 1 – The Dress

For most Brides the dress is the most important part of the wedding day. I, however am the least girly girl on the planet ha. The thought of picking a dress was more stressfilled for me. However, I managed to pick the perfect dress for me! I went hunting with my amazing mum, sister and niece and then bought it with my two bridesmaids, Kirsti (sister) and Aly. 

We found a similar dress in a very expensive store, and they were asking £1600 for it – I would never pay that for a dress, I just couldn’t do it! So we hunted smaller stores and then found this beauty (and all accessories) for just under £500!

The dress was very big and princessy, and I feel it was perfect for me 🙂 I felt amazing in it and I still love it ever time I see myself in it! 💙

Amanda x