Wedding Challenge – Day 8

Wedding Challenge – Day 8

30 Day Wedding Challenge.

Day 8 – The Hen.

I was very lucky and managed to have two hen parties ha. One away and one at home.


The away hen took place in Benidorm and 7 of us went for the long weekend! My brilliant little sister had planned each night out and we had a brilliant time. 

The first night had a Rangers theme, due to my love of football. Kirsti made us all tops to wear saying “Amanda’s Blue and White Army” and we headed to the Ibrox Bar. We had an amazing night and sang Rangers songs all night haha. 

The second night we had a School girl theme due to my teaching career. Kirsti made me dress as the teacher and the rest of the girls were naughty school girls. This was my favourite night!! ​

[wpvideo 1as94m9Z]​​

[wpvideo cP0Kqm1n]​The last night was slightly more chilled haha, but still I was dressed up with a huge inflatable penis and we had a checklis of things to do, such as, find another hen, get a backy from a stranger, find a Jamie look alike and many other, more embarassing things ha. We started the night with drinks in the hotel and Kirsti had arranged a bunch of games before we went out. She even made Jad do a Mr and Mrs video to play on the night. 

This photo of Cassay sums up our weekend hahaha!


Then Home Hen was much more relaxed than the away – thankfully haha. Kirsti booked a room in her work (pub) and decorated the place brilliantly. She had organised a bunch of games like Never Have I Ever (very awkward infront of Jad’s family haha) and pin the penis on the model haha. 

And then all the trouble happened haha. My delightful sister booked a stripper! I was so feart haha, and felt so uncomfrotable but it was hilarious. 


[wpvideo LdN0Xz7A]​lThe full night was amazing and it was lovely to spend the night with my amazing girls 💙 

Massive thank you for these two amazing dos organised by my wonderful little sister. She truely is a gem! Love ye wee yin!

-Amanda x