Wedding Challenge – Day 15

Wedding Challenge – Day 15

30 Day Wedding Challenge.

Day 15 – Groomsmen.

The lads!! 

I am very luckily to have been blessed with an amazing bunch of boy best pals and I was so happy to share my day with them all! 💙

On to the actual wedding party though …

Jamie had three best men:

  1. William – his older brother.
  2. Andy – his best friend.
  3. Kenny – his oldest friend.

And two Ushers:

  1. Marti – another of his oldest friends.
  2. Jordan – our nephew.

Andy and Marti travelled all the way from Australia just to be a part of our day (and the stag ofcourse haha) and we were so greatful. 

The boys loved getting their pictures taken, so there are loads of them just carrying on hahaha. Here are a handful of my favourites though: 

And ofcourse, here are a few of the whole wedding party: 

Jamie and I are lucky to have the same grouo of pals, so having the boys there was an easy decision for us. Love ye Bellfield Boys! 💙

-Amanda x