Wedding Challenge – Day 17

Wedding Challenge – Day 17

30 Day Wedding Challenge

Day 17 – The Flowers

The flowers were one of the biggest bargains of the whole wedding. We were very lucky to have Jamie’s wonderful Auntie Myra!! She has her own business creating balloons and bouquets for parties and weddings! She kindly offered to make our flowers as part of our wedding gift and pretty much saved us a fortune!

Since I was a little girl, my dad and I planted sunflowers, every year. I became my favourite flower and I couldn’t get married with any othet type of flower! Myra created out bouquets with artificial flowers – which means we can keep them forever.

I feel they brightened everything up and put a smile on everyone’s faves. Myra made us:

  • My bouquet
  • Two bridesmaids bouquets
  • Two Mother of Bride/Groom corsages
  • Flower Girl Wand
  • 8 Button Holes for the boys
  • Decoration Flowers

We were so thankful!!

-Amanda x