Krakow, Poland.

Krakow, Poland.

What a long weekend!! Honestly, one of the best places I have ever been too! 

We arrived at Edinburgh Airport and preped for our flight. The flight was a little bumpy but we were so excited to get there.

We finally arrived at our hotel and I was shocked at how amazing it was. Our rooms were so modern and cosy. I loved t straight away.

Around the hotel was just as beautiful. It had a big restaurant, a gym, and lots of funky decor. Defo reccommend the hotel – Mercure Krakow, Stare Miastro!!!As we arrived really late, we just went for a little walk around our hotel and then jumped into bed ready for a big day.

First full day was brilliant. We woke up super early and caught the bus to Auschwitz and Birkenau. The tour started at the Auschwitz camp and it was so emotional. They spoke of the living conditions and how the ‘prisoners’ lived in the camp and showed us around th full camp.

The saddest part of this tour was seeing the prisoners belongings. There was lots of suitcases, shoes and even hair from the victims.

We then travelled to Birkenau – the bigger and more recognised camp. Walking up to the enterance actually gave me goosebumps. We walked around the camp and visited a lot of the shacks people lived in and looked at the remains from some of the gas chambers. Although this was an emotional tour it truely is a must see. I learned so much about the Second World War and really enjoyed seeing the camp itself. It made me feel so sorry for those affected.

That night Jamie and I visited the Main Square for some food and drinks. The city is truely breathtaking. We also met some new friends, that were also on the tour. They are from Holland and we all had a great night together.

Our second day, and my favourite day of the trip was spent visited the Wieliczka Salt Mines. Firstly we had to walk 60m down this creepy staircase haha. We then visited different areas of the Mines and looked at all the amazing salt sculptures.

The best part of the tour was within the Chapel. Everything you see here is made from pure salt, and I loved it. Apparently people can get married here and it’s very popular. Imagine getting married 130m below the ground haha! Big shoutout to Jamie for taking these amazing photographs!!

After we got back we decided to explore more of th city. We were able to see the Wawel Castle, the breathing dragon and take a walk next to the River Wisla.

The last day, and the day we were going home, was spent visiting the Oskar Schindler Factory. I really enjoyed this tour as I learned more about what happened to Poland during the war.

Afterwards we took a walk through the Jewish Quarter and prepared for our flight home. I was actually so sad to leave this city. I felt at home and really enjoyed my time here. Please, if yoh ever get the chance go to Krakow!!

-Amanda x