Wedding Challenge – Day 22

Wedding Challenge – Day 22

30 Day Wedding Challenge.

Day 22 – Cheers / Speeches

Decided to dedicate the Cheers special to the speeches as that’s when most of our “cheers” happened! 

The speeches started with my wonderful Dad! He made a lovely speech about Jamie and I and made most people in the room cry! He truely is my hero – love you Smudger! 💙

Next up was the man himself – Jamie! His speech lasted over 20 minutes haha. He was nervous to start and then when he realised the audience loved him, he would not shut up haha. Even little Rhian loved hearing her Uncle Jad’s daft stories! 💙😂

Lastly was the best men – William, Kenny and Andy! William startes off – his was short and sweet but spent some time congradulating us 💙 

Kenny was next .. this speech was vulgar to say the least haha! Don’t think I have ever laughed so much in such a short space of time! He was truely hilarious, sharing some of the daft stories of the past and practicularly slagging Jad! 😂😂 

And last, but certainly not least was Andy! His speech was funny too, but made a lot of nice references to our relationship, his and Jad’s memories and the Glasgow Rangers! 

All speeches were hilarious and kind and I feel so lucky to have a great groups of speakers at our wedding. Love you all lads! 

-Amanda x