Wedding Challenge – Day 27

Wedding Challenge – Day 27

30 Day Wedding Challenge.

Day 27 – The Decor.

I have spoken a lot about the Decor at our ceremony and reception already in some of my past posts within this challenge. Things like our colour scheme, our flowers and decorations.

Due to that I decided to draw some attention to our Guest Book and Table Plan! 

Our Guest Book was simple but stunning. It’s even better now as it is filled with lovely message from our our lovely guests.

Our Table Plan was amazing! One of my favourite purchases from the day! Jamie decided it would be nice to included all our families within our scheme and I totally agreed. We decided to name our tables after our family names, and find their tartans to decorate the table and the Table Plan.

Our Top Table was ofcourse the Dunn Table, as this is our new name! Underneath had names from my family : Smith, Muirhead and Cassidy ; and names from Jamie’s family : Blades, Stewart and Belfiore.

Out families loved it and thought it was a nice way to bring all the family names together.

-Amanda x