Wedding Challenge – Day 29

Wedding Challenge – Day 29

30 Day Wedding Challenge.

Day 29 – The Bridesmaids.

First of all I’d like to draw attention to my group of girls on the wedding day. I love them all and honestly couldn’t handle my daily life, never mind my wedding without them. 

But today’s post is all about the Bridesmaids! I decided to keep it small and have only two girls by my side. My wonderful sister Kirsti was my Chief and my best friend Aly was up there with me too! These girls mean the world to me and I was so proud to have them up there with me! 

Ofcourse, we had little Rhian with us the full day too as the amazing Flower Girl! 

The girls dis my proud by walking down the aisle, standing beside me at the ceremon and basically keeping me calm the whole day! 

I am so lucky to call you two girls my best friends. Thanks so much for helping me out and being a part of my day! Love you! 💙

-Amanda x