October Top Five!

October Top Five!

This month literally flew by! I realise I probably say that every month but this one really did. 

As promised I did do a large Wrap Up post which will be posted tomorrow 😘 but let’s dive straight into my Top Five Moments for October!

1. I am going to be an Auntie again: Kirsti filled us in with the amazing news a few weeks ago but now her 12 Week scan is over and we are all so excited to have another little bairn in the family! Rhian is the most excited out of us all and cannot wait to be a big sister! 

2. I spent a long weekend in Krakow, Poland: If you read my Krakow, Poland post you would have read that it was the best city I have been to yet! It truely was amazing, and so normal for my lifestyle! During our time we saw Auschwitz-Birkenuea, the Wielieczka Saltmines, the Wawel Castle, the town square, Schindlers Factory and a few other touristy points. I defo think you should all go if you ever get the chance. 

3. I was able to reflect on my Wedding Day: I decided to take part in the Wedding Photo Challenge where I had to reflect on 30 aspects of my Wedding Day. This was great as it let me look at all of my wonderful photos and relive the beat day ever! 

4. I spent a load of time with little Rhian: I always spend a lot of time with this little roaster but recently I have been taking her to school a lot more. This is great because she comes into my class before her nursery and we have fun in the classroom together. 😘 We have also been on walks together and watched a bunch of adisney films together. 

5. I went to a bunch of Away Days: There had been soooo many football games in October! A lot of them have been disappointing haha but still good to go see. I love Away Days though as it lets you experience a new stadium. This month I had a few stand out Away Days, including St. Johnstone’s ground, Hampden and Murrayfield. Rangers brought a huge amount of fans to each! 💙

I had a pretty full month and I am already excited about next month and the how busy it is going to be!

-Amanda x