October Wrap Up!

October Wrap Up!

I totally forgot to do one of these last month and I promised to do it for October, so here goes:

Sun 1st Oct: I literall lay about all day and started to create my 30 Day Wedding Challenge posts ha. Jad was out with Kenny and Hayley to see their wedding venue.

Mon 2nd Oct: Today Jamie and I celebrated our half-anniversary! I cannot believe we have been married for six months now!

Tues 3rd Oct: I stayed at school sooo late today. We had a staff meeting and I felt like I had 101 things to do, luckily I tackled a large amount of them today!

Wed 4th Oct: Yoga day!! Highlight of my working week is staying behind and de-stressing at Yoga!

Thurs 5th Oct: Today was a stressful day. Possibly my hardest day in teaching ever. I pulled through though and ready to face tomorrow.

Fri 6th Oct: Today was a much better day! It’s my school’s 10th Birthday so we had a lot of party activities and Sean Batty the weather man came over to the school. The children all loved it and I enjoyed a wee break too! 

Sat 7th Oct: Jamie was out at his pal’s leaving do (he’s moving to Australia) so I popped round to see my mum, dad and Rhian. We went out a big walk in the Bellfield Estate! The photo of just me was taken by Rhian haha.

Sun 8th Oct: Today was brilliant! I completed a load of paperwork for school, chilled with Jamie and he made us some Chicken Burgers from scratch! Perfect wee Sunday before heading back to work tomorrow! 

Mon 9th Oct: A year ago today was my away Hen weekend to Benidorm – have a read at it here: Away Hen in Benidorm but today I was stuck in work! We had a good day today though and started to get into the Swing of Autumn. 

Tues 10th Oct: Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. Some of you may know tha I get all anxious and over think the smallest of things, especially nights out or staying away from home. Just wanted to share my love to those struggling with mental health. 💙

Wed 11th Oct: Usually today is Yoga day but daft Jad landed himself in hospital haha. He is completely fine now thankfully! 

Thurs 12th Oct: Today was Parent’s Night!! After a long day at work we needed to stay behind until 8:30pm talking to Parents. It was fun to get to know some of the parents and I recieved a lot of positive feedback! One more day to go and it’s Holiday time!!

Fri 13th Oct: I had a fun filled day in school with the children. And I can officially celebrate the October Holidays!! We also drove up to Perth for the Rangers game and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!! 

Sat 14th Oct: It’s Poland Day! Today Jamie and I headed to Edinburgh to get our plane out to Krakow, Poland. We reached the city pretty fast and immediately I fell in love with the hotel. Have a nosey at my Poland Post to see more pictures. 

Sun 15th Oct: First full day in Krakow, so Jamie and I visited the two biggest concentration camps uaed during the Second World War – Auschwitz and Birkenau. They were amazing, yet very emotional tours and a must see if you are ever in Poland. Again, please visit my Poland Post to see all the brilliant pictures. For now though, here are a few of my favourites. After our tour we headed to the city centre for some food and drinks.

Mon 16th Oct: Second full day in Krakow and another early start. This was my favourite day in Poland without a shadow of a doubt. Again, and last time, I urge you all to visit my big Poland Post because the pictures from today were amazing!! We visited the Wieliczka Salt Mines and travelled 130metres underground. After our amazing tour of the mines, Jamie and I explored the city in greater detail. We visited the Wawel Castle, the fire breathing dragon and took a stroll by the River Wisla. 

Tues 17th Oct: Last day in Poland. Today we visited the Schindler Factory and took a walk through the Jewish Quarter. 

Wed 18th Oct: After a busy holiday, today we just relaxed and visited the family. Jamie is back to work tomorrow so we had an early night and already started to look at some more places to visit.

Thurs 19th Oct: What a busy day! I spent the majority of my day with my sister Kirsti, my mum and little Rhian. Kirati was revamping my hair, cuttinf split ends and touching up my brown colour. I then headed to Irvine to have more coloured added to my tattoo. We also decided to book up another little trip away – BELFAST!!

Fri 20th Oct: Jad was feeling a little under the weather today. So took the day off 🙂 we spent most of the day at home, but went for a little walk in Eglington Park. Later, Jamie cooked up another meal – this time it was the Big Mac. He is getting really good at it!

Sat 21st Oct: I woke up pretty early to go see my dad 💙 and then I went to get some dermaplaning done – my face feels so smooth now! Afterwards Jamke and I headed to Glasgow for a night out with Sean and Lynne. We went to a Comedy Club then out for a few drinks! 

Sun 22nd Oct: Semi-Final Day for Rangers and it was a disaster. We lost 2-0 and none of the players semmed to care! 

Mon 23rd Oct: Back to work today! 😩 Luckily it was just an In-Service Day with all my workies. Together we attended some courses abd tried to get prepared for our new term. After I got hkme, Jamie made us a Subway from scratch! He even baked the bread!

Tues 24th Oct: The children cam back today and were full of stories from over the holidays. It was good to see them all but made me realise how much work wr need to get through this term! 

Wed 25th Oct: Another hectic day at work and a big football game at night! Sadly we drew again Kilmarnock and played terribly! 😩 

Thurs 26th Oct: Big Announcement Time .. I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE AGAIN!!!I have known flr quite a while but now Kirsti is over the 12 Week Mark she decoded to share her news with the world!

Fri 27th Oct: Killie Halloween. I am from Kilmarnock and we are famous for having our Halloween on the last Friday in October haha. Mine was spent in work but at least I got to see this little belter!

Sat 28th Oct: We woke up early today and headed to Edinburgh for another football match. Graeme Murty is back in charge and Kenny Miller was back in the team and the scoresheet! 3-1 and back to winning ways. Later on Jad had a night out and I tried to catch up on some school work. 

Sun 29th Oct: We had a super lazy day today! I was called out to pick up my friend in the early hours and when Jad got home I spent most of the day in bed! On to another busy week this week! 

Mon 30th Oct: Back at work today and I had a pretty successful day! I was shattered by the time I got home and collapsed into bed. Little Thian had her school photos taken today – honestly the cutest wee girl ever!

Tues 31st Oct: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today was the Halloween Disco and the children were hyper all day long haha. The discos were fun though, full of dancing sweeties and excited children. I dressed up as Belle and loved dancing all night haha! 

And that’s a wrap! 🙂 

Hope you all enjoyed my busy October; ans hope you all had a great time too!

-Amanda x