November Wrap Up!

November Wrap Up!

Here we are again with another Wrap Up post. While writing this I still cannot believe it is November and how fast this year has flown in. Scary!!!

Ahh well, I’ll quit rambling and just reflect on my month!

Wed 1st Nov: As usual, I had a super busy day at my work. The children were all working hard and loved learning all about Bon Fire Night.

Thurs 2nd Nov:Today we started our Daily Mile. The children loved using up their hyper energy outside. The aim js for every child to walk/run a Daily every single day!

Fri 3rd Nov:Finally Friday!! Today we made some Firework Artwork and then I headed home to some home made Pizza from Jaddy.

Sat 4th Nov:Today was the Remembrance Day at Ibrox. We won the game and produced this amazing Display! 💙< strong>Sun 5th Nov:This morning was amazing. I went a big walk up the estate with my mum, dad and Rhian. 💙Mon 6th Nov:Back to work again!! 😩 Today was a pretty dull day. And I was absolutely scunnered!!

Tues 7th Nov:After work today I met up with my fabby Bellfield chums 💙 we went a big walk and then to Costa for some Hot Chocolate and loads of gossip!Wed 8th Nov:School was fun today! We have been exploring the human body and our senses; today we focused on taste and played the Jelly Bean game 😂😂Thurs 9th Nov: Today we made lots of Remembrance Day Artwork and learned all about the Heroes in our wars. Fri 10th Nov:After work today Jad’s brother and his girlfriend Jenny popped round to pal a bunch of old Video Games! I managed to catch up on loads of school work too! 🙂

Sat 11th Nov: Today was a brilliant day! Little Rhian was staying over and we took her to the Zoo during the day! It was brilliant fun seeing her watching all the animals and watching Disney films at night! 💙💙Sun 12th Nov: Rhian woke us up early to head to Inrox. She was all excited for her tour and to meet Broxi Bear, but then, in true Toddler fashion she decided she didn’t want to go anymore! What a monster!!!Mon 13th Nov: I think I’m starting to catch a little bug 🙁 feel all sore and shattered. Ahh well, only 6 weeks of work to go!

Tues 14th Nov: My head is banging! Like so sore, total migrane! I cannot seem to budge it and all I want to do is sleep 🙁

Wed 15th Nov:Back to Yoga again tonight and it made me feel 100 times better! Honestly, if you have never tried out Yoga – DO IT! 😍 I also changed the layout of my wee classroom.Thurs 16th Nov:A busy day at work today. I had the doctors with oor Jad and turned up at school around 9:15 – I walked in to cheers and masses of hugs. My kids almost broke me down to tears! 😭

Fri 17th Nov:Jamie headed back to work today, which was good to see! I had a great day in work for Children in Need – we covered a huge Pudsey Bear with money donations!! After work I treated Jamie to a little coffee date – these are becoming a habit haha!Sat 18th Nov:Back at the football today and it was absolutely freezing! After a disappointing result, I headed home to get my girl Cassay! It’s her 22nd Birthday and I decided to take her to the Illuminight Show. We had a great time and a right good gossip 💙 there is literally nothing better than a big catchup with your best pals. Sun 19th Nov:Jamie woke up pretty rough after a night of playing daft games and drinking with our nephew Jordan! We decided to have a cosy day/night watching rubbish tele. I also decided it was about time I booked another little trip .. Berlin in February! 🇩🇪👍🏼Mon 20th Nov:Continuing with our Human Body topic my class made life size skeletons and stuck down our organs! Tues 21st Nov:Preping for tomorrow’s numeracy training I wanted the children to try out some new number games 🙂 Wed 22nd Nov:Today I went on my recall Numeracy training. It was really good to meet back up with other teachers and sharing good practise. I came away with loads of great ideas and was able to share all the things I had did over the past few weeks!

Thurs 23rd Nov:JAD MANAGED TO GET US TICKETS FOR LIAM GALLAGHER IN MANCHESTER! Absolutely buzzing! Fri 24th Nov:As we have an inspection next week I decided to vamp up a few of my classroom displays. This was by far my favourite 😍 Sat 25th Nov:Today was a brilliant day! I woke up around 10am and met up with my mum, dad, sister and niece to go a big shopping trip. It was great to go out all together and get some lunch! 💙

Sun 26th Nov:Today was the laziest day ever! I think I left by bed about 5 times. 😂😂 Good news though .. Today my sister went for her Gender Scan and I can now reveal that baby McCormick is going to be a BOY!!! Mon 27th Nov:Today our school had an inspection and it went really well. They commented on how positive our ethos around the school was. 🙂

Tues 28th Nov:It’s Pantomime Day!! This is honestly the best day in the teacher calendar! 👍🏼 Wed 29th Nov:We headed back to Ibrox in the freezing cold! Luckily Rangers were back to their winning ways ans smashed Aberdeen 3-0! 💙

Thurs 30th Nov: Last day of November! Today I was out of school all day on another training course. It was good and I was excited for an earlier finish! But then I got to the car! 😩😩 someone had crashed into my car!!! Luckily the lady had left her contact details and it got sorted pretty fast! 👍🏼

I cannot believe it is December tomorrow! Actual shocked at the speed of this year haha! 👍🏼

-Amanda x