November Top Five!

November Top Five!

First of all, I want to apologise … my phone has been away getting fixed and I haven’t had the chance to get onto my Blog! So, I am very sorry for the long awaited November Top Five!

1. It’s A Boy!! : Yes, we finally found out the gender of Kirsti’s baby. I am so happy that we are finally getting a little boy in the family. Rhian is so excited too and is already planning what her and her little brother are going to get up to! I’m excited to get the wee chap into football, even if his dad is a fan of my rival team haha! img_8748img_8267img_8268

2. Little Rhian stayed over at ours: We had an amazing time with oor Rhian staying over at our house. We spent the day at Edinburgh Zoo which Rhian loved. Her favourite was seeing the big monkeys and chimps! Afterwards we came back home, watched a bunch of Disney Films (Jad’s favourite was Wreck It Ralph) and eat a big McDonalds. The next day we travelled up to Ibrox to let Rhian have a tour inside, but she got ready scared of Broxi Bear and we had to leave early. Hopefully, she can go back when she is a little older and not so scared of big dressed up characters.img_8524img_8498img_8441img_8494img_8457img_8532

3. Cassay and I went to Illuminight: I wrote a full post about this, if you want to read it you can here: Illuminight Post We had a great time walking through the Dean Park seeing all the amazing light shows. It was also great just to spend time with oor Cassay again.

4. We had a Smith’s Day Out: It has been ages since we had a big Smith’s Day Out and I was so excited to spend the full day with my brilliant family. Jamie was working so it was just me, my sister, my parents and little Rhian – we went shopping and for lunch at Breahead and a blast. img_8743img_8737img_8739

5. I had a lot of fun with my class: November was a great month in my classroom. We had a lot of fun learning about Bon Fire Night, Remembrance Day, Children In Need and the Human Body. We even started up our Daily Mile challenge where we run a mile (at least) every single day. We have also did a lot of Active Maths/Numeracy since I have been on some new training and felt the children would develop a deeper understanding of numbers through Active Play. I have really enjoyed spending time with my little class recently, but I cannot wait until Christmas Holidays!

I had a pretty full month and had a lot of other things I could write about. Have a nosey at my full November Wrap Up! post to read more about my exciting moth. Thanks again for reading guys!

-Amanda x