Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Another little trip away and another country scrubbed off the big map!! This time Jamie and I decided to explore Belfast!

As it was only a 20 minute flight away we decided to just head down for the weekend and not bother taking time off work! We woke up super early on the Saturday and headed to Glasgow Airport for the quick journey! We then grabbed a bus into the city centre and dumped our bags at the hotel! As we were only there for one night we wanted to cram in as much as possible!

Before coming I had booked us some tickets for the Hop On, Hop Off bus – it took us right to our first excursion so we decided to get on and see the sights along the way! I would definately reccommend booking one of these buses if you are ever heading to a city. You learn so much and see so many sights. It honestly was amazing!! On our travels we saw the Albert Clock, the ‘Thing with the Ring’ the troubles areas etc …

We eventually made it to our first ‘activity’ and I was so excited …


This prison was notorious back in the days of the troubles and has housed it’s fair share of criminals. We entered the prison and were taking to the area that prisoners are faced with as soon as they got to the jail.

It was pretty scary and crammed and made you realise how scary it must of been coming to this prison. We were then taken to the long tunnel that runs underground from the prison to the old court.

And then eventually into one of the wards. It was here we learned lots about the living conditions, the jobs/punishments for the prisoners and manged to see and explore some of the cells.

The last room we entered was the “Dead Man” cell, where the prisoners that were due to be executed lived their last few days. We crammed into the room to see the living space and discussed what would happened on the hours leading up to an execution. It was then the tourguide grabbed an old bookcase that was in the room, shoved it to the side and displayed large gallows where the prisoner would be hanged. This was the original rope and I admit, I felt a little uncomfrotable being in the room.

That being said, it was an amazing experience!! We ended to tour in the outdoor area where the prisoners were buried and spent their leisure time.

It really was an amazing tour!! Please go see it if you are ever in Belfast. We then decided to grab some lunch and jump back on the bus to take us to our next ‘activity’ ..


I was really excites about seeing this. As you walked to the building you weee aware of the size the Titanic ship was (building is to scale of the ship).

The tour itself was full of information, Jamie and I rushd through it if I am honest and now wish I had spent more time reading all the facts. We really enjoyed the interactive parts of the museum, such as the ride that spoke about the working conditions within the ship.

Outside the Titanic Experience was the SS Normandy Boat which was fun.

By that point I was shattered haha. We decided to walk about to the city centre to catch little sights such as the Salmon of Knowledge along the way.

We relaxed in the hotel for a bit and then decided to brave the Belfast Christmas Market. It was heaving, like seriously so busy!! It was my first ever Christmas market and I was shocked at how amazing all the different foods smelled! It was amazing. As I said though, Jamie and I were knackered; we strolled about for a while and then found a few pubs to have a dram and some food. Soon we stoated to the hotel and zonked out completely!!

The Next Day

We woke up, checked out and set on our trip for some Rangers pubs. Rangers were playing Aberdeen and there was no way we were missing the game! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

On the way, we saw some more of the famous murals in Sandy Row. We eventually made it to the Rangers pub and settled in for the game. Rangers won the game so you can imagine the state Jamie got himself into haha. I literally needed to drag him away from his new found friends haha. We had a few hours left before our flight home so we visited the Ulster Museum. It had a beautiful flowing Poppy display on it’s walls and it looked amazing! Inside was just as impressive. It was filled with amazing animal facts, art pieces and Jad’s favourite : science geekitems haha. We then headed back into the centre, swung by Victoria Square and then made our way back to the airport. I was actually sad to be leaving. It felt so much like Glasgow, and every person we met was incredible nice and funny. Good banter across the water!!

Please consider visiting Belfast, it was an amazing trip. We are already planning to return in order to visit the Causeway Giants!!

If you have ever been to Belfast, let me know if you enjoyed it as much as me!! Again, thanks for reading. I love keeping you all up to datw with my little travels. πŸ™‚

-Amanda x