2017 Highlights!

2017 Highlights!

Looking back on my year and I’m shocked at the amount of things I managed to cram in! This has seriously been one of the beat years of my life and I can only hope to make 2018 just as good!

I have decided to have a reflect back on the 12 months od 2017 and talk about or share my favourite moments! Hope you enjoy 🙂💙

JANUARY I created this blog! My resolution was to explore my home country and the world a little more and thought having a blog would help me achieve my goal!

We celebrated my little niece’s 3rd Birthday. Jamie and I bought our wedding rings for our upcoming wedding! At that point we were so excited about the big day and trying to finalise all the big plans. FEBRUARY I visited Whitelee Wind Farm which was absolutely freezing haha. I have promised that I would go back to complete the big walk but I haven’t found the time yet! Little Rhian started Nursery (Rhian Starting Nursery Post). I couldn’t believe my little niece was big enough to go to nursery but here she is now almost ready for Primary School! MARCH We celebrated my Home Hen! With just a month to go to the wedding my sister had organised a big bash for my home hen, complete with a stripper 🙄 I climbed Loudoun Hill for the first time with our Jaddy! It was a great laugh even if he was huffy all the way up haha. Jamie and I visited Stirling Castle and had an amazing time looking at all the old rooms within the castle. I even caught a glimpse of the Wallace Monument. With days until the wedding Jamie and I put in our final preparations for the big day. I was able to get my Wedding Dress and get ready for our wedding day. APRIL We celebrated our amazing Wedding Day. It honestly was the best day of my life, so perfect from start to finish!! Days after our wedding we went to Tenerife for a full week of sunshine!! Then we went to Liverpool where we were able to visit The Beatles Story and Anfield Stadium. MAY Just before my birthday Jamie took me to Falkirk to see the Wheel and the Kelpies. This was an amazing day out – highly recommend going!! I also bagged myself a New Job is a nearby school. It is also a permanent position!!!

JUNE June is my birthday month so I managed to spend a lot of time celebrating with my loved ones!

I ran my First Competitive 10k. I did it with Jamie and my bets friend Aly – it was hard going but we survived. I also re-climbed Loudoun Hill with my dad!! I loved my day out with my dad. JULY I continued my little adventures with my dad and we explored Dunoon. This was an amazing day out and a great big walk around the Botanic Gardens. I finally had some time off work so I made some time to explore Edinburgh with my friend Rachelle and climb Arthur’s Seat. The next day I grabbed Aly and we conquered Cairn Table together!!AUGUST As I turned 26 on my birthday it dawned on me that I was edging closer to 30!! I decided to create my Before I am 30 bucket list. 6 months on and I slowly making my way through the list.

** I will revisit this post on my birthday**

Jamie and I started our traveling habit this month! We visit Rome and managed to see some of the famous landmarks. SEPTEMBER I finally started my First Crossfit Class. I really enjoyed it and need to make sure I return in the next month. Jamie and I completed our first marathon in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk! It was a good day out and we were shattered afterwards. OCTOBER For the full of October I completed a 30 Day Wedding Challenge. This was brilliant as it helped me reflect on all my favourite parts of the wedding day. Another travel post – Jamie and I visited Krakow, Poland. I loved this city (to date my favourite place I have been). And lastly, my little sister Kirsti announced that she was pregnant and I was going to be an Auntie again!! We now know that it’s a little boy on the way and we couldn’t be more excited. NOVEMBER I had a great day out with Cassay at the Illuminight! And Jamie and I were lucky enough to have little Rhian stay over! We visited the Zoo and Ibrox Stadium. DECEMBER Last plane journey of the year took Jamie and I to Belfast for the weekend. I created some New Platforms where I created my own Facebook and Instagram. Please visit/follow these!!

And last of all I celebrated Christmas with my amazing family!! I hope you all had an amazing 2017 – let me know what you got up to!! And I hope you all have good plans for the upcoming year!!

– Amanda x