December Top Five!

December Top Five!

Last month of the year and a very busy one for most of us!! Here is my final Monthly Top Five of 2017!

1. Jamie and I went to Belfast: Yes, the Dunn family went on another adventure to Belfast! We had an amazing weekend and managed to squeeze so much into two days! We managed to visit Crumlin Road Goal, Titanic Museum, the Ulster Museum, Town Hall, Sandy Row etc… loads and loads. I wrote a big post on our trip so please have a nosey at it here: Belfast Post! We loved our time in Belfast and already cannot wait until our next trip away!

2. I managed a full night out: Reading this you may be thinking AND WHAT?? 😂 but surviving a full night out without feeling overwhelmed or that I needed to run away was a massive deal to me! I had an amazing night out with my Work Mates – who by the way are the craziest bunch of people I have ever met 😂 but ayep, I headed out and managed to keep the heed and stayed the full night! 👍🏼 3. I started a new Blog Instagram and Facebook Page: I made some new Platforms for my little blog. I was fed up of my posts/pictures blocking up my personal pages so decided to make them their own pages! Please please go on to them, give them a follow or like 🙂 FACEBOOK PAGE // INSTAGRAM PAGE 💁🏻‍♀️ 4. I got a new phone: FINALLY! My contract ran up in September ans I left it this long to go out and get a new one! I am now the lucky owner of the new iPhone8+. It’s weird having a phone this size but I am slowly getting used to it! 5. It’s Christmas Time: Ofcourse .. it’s Christmas! And this had to be up there with my Top Five! On Christmas morning we watched Rhian open her gifts and then went to see Jad’s family. We then spent the night at my mum and dad’s house eating great food, playing daft games and having a laugh! Go nosey at my full Christmas Post to see my full day and see the funny videos of us all playing Pie Face ! On that note I’d like to wish you all a big Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year when it comes! 💙💙💙

– Amanda x