December Wrap Up

December Wrap Up

December already! Christmas is coming up and everyone is rushing about 24/7 haha! Here’s what I have been up to over the past month:

Fri 1st Dec: It’s December already! Today the children were so excited because it is Christmas Month!! I was excited when I got home because my beautiful keyrings from Cheila – PinkForDays πŸ’œ thanks again babe!! Sat 2nd Dec: It’s time for another trip away with oor Jad! This weekend we were spending our time exploring Belfast. I did write a large post about this so have a nosey at it here : Belfast Post! Today we travelled to the city, visited the Crumlin Road Gaol Prison, visited the Titanic Experience Musuem, went on an Open Top Bus, visited the Christmas Markets and explored the city! Sun 3rd Dec: Last full day in Belfast!! Today we explored the Sandy Row Murals, visited the Rangers Supporters Pub to watch the game against Aberdeen (we won 2-1), visited the Ulster Museum, and climbed the stairs in the Victoria Square Dome. We then travelled back home today, again please visit the full post to get a deeper understanding of the trip: Belfast Post!Mon 4th Dec: I felt terrible being back at my work today. I must of caught the cold in Belfast gads!!

Tues 5th Dec: The cold has got worse haha! I got to work and needed to get sent home at the Break! I literally got home and jumped straight into bed! 😴

Wed 6th Dec: Another Day lounging in my bed. Cannot believe I have needed another day off my work! 😢 sorry for the boring account today, but as you can probably tell I’m a bed ridden mess πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thurs 7th Dec: Back to work today! The children were so happy to see me which made me feel a lot better about being back.

Fri 8th Dec: Today we found a Rubix Cube at work and I got a little too excited. I had one years ago and tried my best to learn how to complete it, I managed it and then loved it! I showed the girls how to do it and they never believed I could .. I took it home and videod myself doing different stages; took me around half an hour haha!!

Sat 9th Dec: Back to the football for Jad and I. Today was Billy Dunn’s turn to drive so he cane round for some coffee and then we headed off! It was a good game and another win for us. Hoping to keep the streak going!

Sun 10th Dec: Today there was a Christmas Fair at my Papa’s Nursing Home. Together my mum and I went and spent some money on cakes, raffle tickets and prize stalls .. and we won loads!! πŸ˜‚ We both left with around 5 bottles of wine, some smellies, a huge jigsaw set, meal for two vouchers and loads more – jammy!! 😏

Mon 11th Dec: Another week back at work! Luckily we only have two left before Christmas!! Today we got our songs to practise for the upcoming Show and my little cheribs were so excited to be part of it.

Tues 12th Dec: After work today we were taken to Bowhouse Prison to learn how to support children that have a parent/loved on in jail. It was a really good course and has helped me understand what these children may be feeling. They also let us have a tour of the prison which was amazing. It made me think about ever working in a prison – and I think if I ever get tired of the classroom setting that could be my next venture.

Wed 13th Dec: Hibs Away! Jamie was off work today and I needed to rush home to get ready for Rangers v Hibs at Easter Road! The game was brilliant and ofcourse we won the game! We headed up with Alan and his little Brother David – the chat in the motor was beyond compare (possible not suitable for my little blog however πŸ˜‚). Overall it was an amazing night in the capital! Thurs 14th Dec: I got my phone back today!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ It’s crazy how much you miss your smartphone! But yes, I got it back which meant I could get back to my Social Media and blogging!!

Fri 15th Dec: Work was hectic today. It’s our school show next week and we have been practising constantly.

Sat 16th Dec: Today was my Works Night Out! I have been nervous about this all week. I got ready pretty fast and finally decided on a dress and kneehigh boots (I hate choosing clothes) and then headed out with my buddies. When I got there I could feel my anxiety levels raising straight away, so much so I barely touched my dinner 😩 but I perservered! I got on the dancefloor and didn’t turn back!! I ended up lasting the FULL NIGHT. I know most people reading this will be like “what’s so good about that?” but honestly, this is a amazing deal to me. I managed a full night out and had a great time! πŸŽ‰Sun 17th Dec: Today was brilliant!! Jad ofcourse was hungover! And I felt hungover even though I wasn’t drinking last night. I spent the majority of the day in my bed lounging about and eating pizza! When I woke up I had to brush my hair haha, honestly look at the state of this :

Mon 18th Dec: Back at work today for the last week before the Christmas Holidays! We had another day of practising for our show and then did loads of Christmas activities in the afternoon! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Tues 19th Dec: Tonight was my School Show πŸ™‚ which meant I had a late night at work! 😩😩😩 Wed 20th Dec: After work Jamie and I decided to finally go some Christmas Shopping haha. I have just about finished all the presents!! Not long to gountil Christmas!!!Thurs 21st Dec: Slowly creeping my way to the end of work and towards the school holidays! Honestly more excited about having time off rather than Christmas itself. Today was also Kirsti’s 20 Week Scan πŸ™‚ the baby boy is healthy and all measurements were prefect! πŸ’™Fri 22nd Dec: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! I literally skipped out of school, straight home to my bed!! When Jamie got home we visited my mum and then he made his famous Lasagne! So happy to be on holiday for a few weeks!

Sat 23rd Dec: It’s Christmas Eves Eve!! Today we had a football game against Killie – our home town! They won 2-1 so Jamie and the boys drowned their sorrows haha. Was a great day out,minus the score!!

Sun 24th Dec: It’s Christmas Eve!!!! Hope you are all having an amazing time with friends and family. Today Jamie was pretty rough, but we helped Alan get his food order for Christmas and then I went ans upgraded my phone! Now the lucky owner of an iPhone8+ πŸ€“ Mon 25th Dec: Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great day! I managed to spend my full day with my amazing family which was brilliant! We had an amazing dinner, played daft games and I saw little Rhian open up loads of gifts! πŸ’™ Tues 26th Dec: Today we went to visit Jamie’s family for Christmas. It was nice to see his brother and hid girlfriend again. The rest of the day was spent in fromt of the tele! πŸ™‚

Wed 27th Dec: Last trip to Ibrox before the New Year! Rangers won comfortably but I was feeling dreadful. At half time I sat with my head in my hands. Then I stood up and immediately felt sick, I ran out the stands and almost collapsed down the stairs. Luckily a Policeman caught me and took me to the toilets. Haha, scary stuff. In a more positive note, we booked up Amsterdam today!

Thurs 28th Dec: Jamie and I went for lunch at our wedding venue – The Waterside πŸ’™ Fri 29th Dec: We went out for lunch again today with Jad’s sister and brother in law! It was nice to get out of the house but I was so happy to get home and cosy in my new jammies!! Sat 30th Dec: OLD FIRM DAY!! This time it was held at Celtic Park and Rangers played Celtic off the park! Unfortunately the game ended goal-less but I was happy at the team performance!! Jamie then went out with Alan and as normal, came home in an awfi state! While that was all going on, I finally became Self-Hosted!!! I will write a post on my experience!

Sun 31st Dec: Hogmany here in Scotland and for the first time in over a decade I’m not heading out! Hope you all have an amazing night and a happy new year when it comes! πŸ’™

– Amanda x