10 Ways to Improve Your 2018!

10 Ways to Improve Your 2018!

2018 is finally upon us and people all over the world are thinking of ways to improve their lifestyles by making New Years Resolutions. If you did make any, I wish you all the best with them and would love for you to share them with me. I, myself will be creating a post later today/this week all about my personal goals for the next 365 days.

On this post I have gathered 10 Ways/Things to do that could help to improve your year RIGHT NOW! These are small steps that make a hug impact on your life and well-being. Hope you enjoy!


1- Drink more water.

This one is pretty simple really! Just do it – trust me! I personally love drinking water and already drink quite a lot (500ml before leaving my bed; approx. 1500ml throughout the day; extra 500-1000ml if working out); but I understand that for most this can be tricky or boring. You should aim to drink around 2000ml of water every single day as this helps you and your body out in so many ways. It helps keep you dehydrated, deepens your concentration level and helps keep you skin, hair and body looking healthy. If you do find water too bland then why not try adding fruit to flavour it.   

2 – Get moving.

Similar to drinking water, you either love the idea of this or HATE it! Honestly though, making small changes to your daily activity can make a huge difference to your life and mental health. I’m not saying you need to drop everything, spend a fortune and join your local gym … NO! I am simply encouraging you to make small active changes to your normal day. This could be as easy as walking/cycling to work instead of driving; taking the stairs rather than cramming into the lift; or even go a nice walk with friends each week. Last year I bought a Fitbit and it totally changed my outlook on how I was moving, total game-changer.

3 – Save some pennies.

This can be tricky, I understand!! I am currently saving for a new house (after having a big wedding) and I KNOW how hard it is to save money. Especially when LIFE seems so much more appealing haha! Here are some of the ways I have started to save some money, and hopefully these can work for you too. Back in July I set up a Direct Debit/Standing Order with my Online Banking – I set it up to transfer £50 from my account to my Savings every Friday. I did the same with my husbands, meaning we were saving £100 a week without even noticing! This can be adapted to suit your income, maybe start with £10 and build it up, whatever you start with you will see a big saving very soon! I have also bought a jar which I put £1 in every single day. £1 doesn’t sound like much but just think, by the end of the year you will £365 sitting ready to spend/save!

4 – Declutter and organise.

I can be quite anxious at times, and the minute I stress I turn to my house/classroom to give it a big clean up. Clutter and mess get on my nerves and subconsciously this could distract your mind. Start with your phone/social media: Remove people you don’t interact with, delete apps you don’t use, clear that email inbox … believe me you will feel free afterwards. Next move to your wardrobes, your makeup bags, your DVD cabinets etc… clear out all the things you haven’t used in the past few months, and if you can donate to charity, or even sell some of these things. Finally, look at your home, car, workspace; give it a good scrub and stay on top of it. Clear space, clear mind and all that jazz.

5 – Don’t be afraid to try new things.

This one is very ‘opportunity’ based, but the theory still stands. If you have the opportunity to try something new and even a tiny part of you fancies it DO IT!! I could be your amazing new hobby, you can meet new people, or it could completely change your life. For example, last year I gave Yoga a go and now I can’t imagine my life without it!

6 – Explore.

I am very lucky that I manage to fit a number of trips away throughout the year, this is purely down to saving my money and the wonderful school holidays. If buying a holiday is too much to spend then plan on exploring your home town and country. Just get outside and see new things!

7 – Get some rest.

This is so important, and something I seriously need to sort out myself! In an ideal world we should all have set bedtimes and wake up times .. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! Life and worries get in the way and sleeping is so hard to maintain. However, we should all try our best to improve our sleeping pattern by setting a rough bed time and wake up time. We should also plan to put down our phones/televisions around an hour before we sleep. This year I am going to set a “Phone Down” Time!! If you enjoy exercise, then rest is crucial for growth and recovery. Plan at last one full rest day, lounge about, have a duvet day and relax!

8 – Don’t overcomplicate your diet.

We are all guilty of deciding we are on a health kick, depriving ourselves of something (usually chocolate) and then binging what it all gets too much! Honestly, overthinking your diet is the worst thing to do! A key to a healthy diet is BALANCE! That means it’s ok to nibble on sweets and crisps, just not all the time.

9 – Surround yourself with loved ones.

Don’t waste your time and energy on people who don’t truly matter to you! They are not worth it. Instead solidify your positive relationships with your family, friends, children, loved ones or anybody that makes you feel good about yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, by try not push out people who will always be there for you. Be kind, ALWAYS and treat others the way you want to be treated.

10 – Be kind to yourself.

This is by far the most challenging of the 10, for me anyway! I have already mentioned that I get pretty anxious at times, usually down to overthinking things, and if you are anything like me, we are pretty hard on ourselves. If there is an issue, I tend to blame myself or find fault within my own efforts/behaviours, it’s a terrible habit. But this year I am going to try and improve my mindset – be more positive about myself. Think of why you are proud of yourself, think about a positive thing that happened in your day, think about how you overcame a bad situation. Give yourself quality time to reflect, recharge and appreciate all the positivity in your life. Be grateful for what you have in life!


I am hoping this was an easy read and that you take my 10 suggestions on board! Let’s make 2018 a good one!

– Amanda x