Fallen for Crossfit!

Fallen for Crossfit!

This has probably came as no surprise considering you may already know how much of a fan I am of Crossfit as a Sport. I could name and identify big members of the Crossfit community, watch just about every Event and know the majority of moves .. however trying it out showed just how hard these moves ans skills are!

I attended my First Crossfit Class in September and never had the chance to go back after recovering from my Kiltwalk Marathon. After that came the build up the Christmas, Christmas itself and ofcourse the New Year! I was annoyed at myself for not jumping straight back in but luckily, as it’s New Year I decided it was the perfect time to dive back in.

As I mentioned in my first crossfit class post, my friend and work buddy Kirsty attends a Crossfit Box in Ayr (around 20 minute drive from Kilmarnock – my home town) called ULT Fitness and Crossfit! She encouraged me to tag along and I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was! Because of this I knew that this was the Box I wanted to join – plus it’s less expensive than some closer to me!

Thurs 11th Jan 2018 : I had to go into the box on my own today as Kirsty had other arrangements. At first this made me really nervous and I was considering not going until she was available to hold my hand essentially haha! But I pushed past the anxiety and strolled in on my tod! This was maybe a good thing – now I’m not scared of going on my own! Anyway, the coaches Sharn and Gavin grabbed me and spoke me through the WOD (Workout of the Day) and discussed whys I could scale it down. As the WOD was starting Gaving even paired me up with some other new-starts which really helped as I didn’t feel I was holding anyone back AND I wasn’t too embarassed at my lack of strength!

The WOD included four 5minute Workouts:

1. 30 Power Snatches for time (Isabel) – I completed this with just the bar (no added weight) which was 10kg, and I managed all 30 in 2:38minutes. I was super happy with that score!

2. 5 Down-Ups ; 10 Hand Release Press Ups ; 15 Box Jumps – You were to try and complete as many rounds as possible, I completed just under two rounds, but I found it super hard! I am dreadful at pressups but knowing I needed to lift my hands any time I reached the floor put extra pressure on my arms. I started the box jumps alright but ended up stepping up and down as I was knackered!

3. 10 Wall Balls ; 15 Knees to Elbows while hanging from the bar – I found this one the hardest by a mile! I couldn’t get the grip on the bar, it hurt my babyskin hands and the wall ball was awkward to throw/catch. I managed one round and that was a dreadful one at best haha. At least I know what I need to focus on!!

4. Max Cal. Air Bike – I loved this exercise! The bike really takes it out you so I decided to just pace it and take my time. I managed 28 calories which is nowhere near the expected total for 5 minutes but I really needed to cool my body down a touch!

Overall the workout suited my style. I like a curcuit based workout and loved the timings!


Anyway, I headed home, called Kirsty and she asked if I wanted to go the next day! ULT usually do partner workouts on a Friday so I was well up for it!!

Fri 12th Jan 2018 : After worked I raced home to get changed and started my travel down to Ayr. I got there pretty early which was good because I managed to fill in some paperwork and watch some other classes. Kirsty arrived and she showed me around the place – it truely is amazing! They have a Boxing Ring, a bunch of Spin Bikes, a lifting room with olympic platforms and a fully eqipped gym just around the corner from the main studio! This was like music to my ears as now I know I can visit the other classes to work on my own like I usually do at my home comercial gym!

Anyway, on to the Workout. It was super gassy and honestly made me feel a little ill haha, but having the support from your partner really motivated you to keep going!

Our WOD was:

80 Pull Ups / Ring Rows – SPLIT! We ended up splitting this to around 50/30 as I found the Ring Rows so tricky. Kirsty carried me through it!

80 Down Ups – SPLIT! We managed to split these evenly 40/40 but I started to slow right down towards my last set. I felt the pain from last night’s training creeping up on me already.

50 Air Squats – synced – We had to do all 50 each and at the same time. We did 10 then had a little break! I enjoyed these and used them as a breather.

80 Dumbbell Clean – SPLIT! Again we split these equally. Kirsty used 12kg and I stuck with 5kg (totally going at my own pace).

80 Hand Release Press Ups – SPLIT! These were horrible! At this point in the workout I was totally beat and so happy I had Kirsty as my partner. She cheered me on and took over when she knew Inwas struggling. We split this exercise 45/35.

50 Air Squats – synced – Unlike the first time when we treated it like a breather it HURT! My body was taking a battering but we knew how close we were to finishing so kept pushing!

80 Kettlebell Thrusters – This was my strong point! Saying that I was only using 5kg where as Kirsty was still using 12kgs. I liked this one even though my legs were screaming at me. This was the only exercise I did more than Kirsty and we split it 35/45.

80 Burpee Box Jumps – Last hurdle and we manged 39 before the time cap (Kirsty with 25, me at 14. I felt bad that I had held Kirsty up at the start as she could of easily smashed it on her own!

Overall I was so happy with our results! I really liked having a partner to support you and take over when you needed a break! It was a great atmosphere in the whole room.

I headed home and my leg actually ached any time I put my foot down on the clutch haha. I got home, showered and fed and finally my heart rate started to go normal!

Saying that my legs were still jelly and big daftyheed hear fell down all the stairs haha! Jamie couldn’t contain his laughter πŸ˜’ haha!

I thoroughly enjoyed my two days – body is in agony but I know if I stick at it it’ll get better and so will I! Again, a massive thank you to all at ULT – especially Gavin, Sharn and all the kind members who helped me conquer my nerves – and ofcourse the biggest thank you to Oor Hendo! Love ye Kirsty haha, I promise to be a better partner in the future! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’œ

– Amanda x