I Love …

I Love …

As it it Valentines Day and love is definately in the air I thought I’d spread my own little positivity and love vibes on Adventures with Amanda.

Today is my 9th Valentines with Jamie and I thought I’d share a bunch of my LOVES! Hope some of these bring a smile to your faces! 💕

  • I love waking up and it’s sunny outside.
  • I love spending days on long adventures with my dad.
  • I love days out or days gossiping with my mum.
  • I love my little niece Rhian!
  • I love Jamie – more than anything!
  • I love my little sister – she is everything!
  • I love seeing positive comments on my blog posts.
  • I love having a spot-free face.
  • I love my job and making a difference to little people’s lives.
  • I love when Rangers score and kiss and cuddle randoms.
  • I love the Union Jack.
  • I love strong tea.
  • I love the smell of freshly cut grass.
  • I love coming home to a clean and cosy house.
  • I love when Jamie cooks dinner.
  • I love old men with white hair.
  • I love The Beatles, Oasis and Johnny Cash.
  • I love Disney.
  • I love that I look forward to going home and seeing Jad.
  • I love watching Coronation Street.
  • I love that my hair has grew back.
  • I love how much my family are there for one another.
  • I love when people stand up for themselves.
  • I love people who speak their mind.
  • I love people who don’t care what other’s think.
  • I love the colour blue.
  • I love sunflowers.
  • I love the Bellfield Estate.
  • I love being in a city and feeling part of the rush.
  • I love being trusted with a secret.
  • I love having my own little secret.
  • I love that my sister and I know what each other are thinking.
  • I love sight seeing.
  • I love the feeling you get after climbing a huge hill.

I’m gonna stop there as I could go on for days and days … share some of your loves! 😍💕– Amanda x